Ha, Evilutionists, you can’t explain this!

Don’t you just love those gotcha moments from creationists? They think they’ve got you stumped with some hard question, and then it turns out to be something crazy/stupid.

Did you know that all planets in our universe are on the exact same plane with the exception on Pluto. If one single planet’s orbit were to across another planet’s orbit, the entire planetary system would collapse due to the collisions. How by chance did all the planets end up on the same plane and rotating in their own orbit without crossing another planet’s orbit? Pluto is the only exception. Pluto is at a 14 degree angle from the plane. Why? Because Pluto crosses 2 other orbits. If it had been on the same plane it would be on a collision course. Pluto is the signature of the Creator to prove the impossibility of chance.

That’s so goofy it’s almost adorable. Consider the origin of the planets from an accretion disc. Consider that there were particle collisions (and still are!), and that the results were consolidation of masses. The arrangement of the planets is easily explained by chance and physics, with no need for intent.

As for Pluto, how does the fact that its orbit is one of multitudes of potential orbits that make it unlikely to smack into another big ball of rock make chance and physics an unacceptable explanation?

And that’s just the first paragraph. He’s got a whole page of doozies.