Twitter is useless! And Deepak Chopra is cunningly evil!

I have a Twitter account, and there’s nothing special about it except one nuisance: Dennis Markuze/David Mabus spams it constantly, creating dozens of new accounts every day and sending me hundreds of messages every day, typically repetitive stuff on the lines of “You are a NAZI!” and “We’re going to chop your head off!” It’s awesomely tedious drivel, fortunately easily handled by a single click to block each account, causing all of the noise to quickly disappear.

Unfortunately, I have now also attracted the attention of another kook, Deepak Chopra. He recently wrote:


Did you know that Deepak Chopra has half a million followers on Twitter? Half a million gullible, credulous, voluble, whiny, mindless, woo-loving followers — and many of them have been babbling at me, saying stuff like “You are all bound by attachment to individuality, preferences and conceptual thought”, and “Fervent emotion is reflective of the defense of a personal viewpoint (ego)”, and “scientific extremists are just like religious extremists – stubborn and closed minded”, and “I just revert to this thinking: Wait til they see their angels as they transition. Everyone transitions into love” and “i think some one should let go his big profesore EGO ;) Have it you SNOB ;-DDD You such a slaver of your self ;)” and so, so much more. All night long, all day long.

I have been given the curse of Chopra. I am being flooded with the twitterings of banal idiots. Sandbags! I need more sandbags!

Oh, and Chopra on Twitter is just as brainless as he is everywhere else. A sample:


Aaargh! I am not a subatomic particle, and someday, I will die, even while people are watching and machines are monitoring me. This is more quantum nonsense.

Although, if ever I meet this goon, I know how to frighten him: I’ll close my eyes and cover my face with my hands, and then he’ll panic over the idea that he might suddenly decay.