Update on DNA Activation Power!

Some of you may recall that I signed up to learn about DNA Activation and 12-strand DNA about two months ago. They have since been sending me email messages almost every day, steadily ramping up the weirdness with each new one.

More weird,” you say? Weirder than manipulating invisible DNA waves to achieve immortality and use 100% of my brain, you ask? Yes.

I haven’t sent them any money. I think they’re desperately flailing about to find the hook that will open my wallet. Here’s the latest missive.

We see all the evil and disaster on mother earth and wonder or ask why does this happen???

Well, again, the story is here:
-> http://www.dna-activation-power.com/dna-activation

As you can read above, the DNA was/is manipulated by ET’s to
gain power over the planet.

But what do they want why is this time line so important?

As I mentioned in my last DNA Healing Secrets, an important
Stargate (templar complex) is going to open now.

And whatever group controls the planetary templar complex when
this star gate (some call it Amenti gates) will open in 2012 , will
have dominion over the planet and also will have access to the core
universal star gates in Mintaka, Orion. The last time Amenti opened ,
pole shift occurred due to intruder manipulation, and would have again,
if guardians, who protect the human race, had not been intervened.

So, as you can imagine, there are many things going on, which you might
not even dream of. But this is not important.

Important is your personal vibration, which you should raise in order
to stay in tune with the storyline happening around us, whether you are
aware of it or not.

You have to re-connect to your soul purpose, your Higher Self.
And one of the most effective methods are DNA activations,
which you will receive with a guide on how to re-connect to your
Higher Self and further crucial breathing exercise instructions.

What are you waiting for?

Activate your potential NOW!
-> http://www.dna-activation-power.com/dna-activation.html

In the next mail we talk about the parallel earth, and why they
have already been manipulated by ‘Dark Forces’ and already
living under the ‘One World Order’, which is under ongoing
operation here.


I prepared a Spiritual Growth Program for you, that will help
you to avoid the daily flaws of negativity and fear. Fear is our
greatest enemy. Click below:
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Tom is my friend, and I certainly do want to have dominion over the planet and the star gates in Orion. He’s wearing me down. I’m now willing to pay 11 cents for this vital information.