Ireland! Scotland! England!

I’m beginning to feel like I’m a bit organized for my visit to the Ireland and the UK next week. Here’s when and where.

3-5 June: DUBLIN. I’ll be attending the World Atheist Convention, and speaking at noon on 4 June.

6 June: GLASGOW. I’ll be speaking to the Glasgow Skeptics at 7:00 in the Crystal Palace, 36 Jamaica Street.

7 June: BRIGHTON. I’ll fly from Glasgow to Gatwick in the morning, I might be saying hello to Johann Hari in the early afternoon, and then I hitchhike or something to get to the
Brighton Skeptics in the Pub by 8:00, to speak at The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Road.

8 June: LONDON. I zip back up to the big city to speak to
Atheism UK at 7:00, in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square.

9 June: LONDON. It’ll be me and Richard Dawkins sharing the stage for the British Humanist Association at 7:00, in Logan Hall, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way.

10-12 June: LONDON. Hey, what do you know…I have a few days free. I’m sure there must be something to do in London, besides sitting in a pub for 3 days and drinking good beer. If you have suggestions, let me know.

13 June: I get on a plane at Heathrow around 6 in the morning, fall unconscious, and wake up somewhere in the American midwest that evening.