A Pharyngula poll?

Awww, my presence in Philadelphia today is acknowledged in Faye Flam’s blog with a poll. I’m sure you’ll all be able to give the correct answer to this one.

What is a pharyngula?

The structure in the back of your throat that hangs between your tonsils.
A retractable “penis bone” that supports erections in cats, dogs, hedgehogs and chimpanzees but not humans.
The language spoken by the aliens that Scientologists believe started life on Earth.
An advanced Kama Sutra position that requires partners to put both feet behind their heads.
A tiny parasitic catfish that lives in the Amazon and occasionally invades the human urethra.
A stage in the development of vertebrate embryos when construction of a spine begins and we all have brief possession of a “post anal tail.”

Yes, as you all already knew, the correct answer is #4.