Bravo, Oregon!

The Oregon House has passed a bill removing the special protections for faith healers. Sorry, god-botherers in Oregon, you don’t get to claim the approval of gods to justify torturing, maiming, and killing your children with neglect.

It passed unanimously, too, although of course a couple of Rethuglicans had to voice reservations. Why? Because they’re idiots.

Rep. Jim Weidner, R-Yamhill, said he worried “we might be heading down a slippery slope.” He said he prayed earlier in the day about his son’s severe tonsillitis. His wife took his son to the doctor Thursday morning, he added, but “am I going to go to prison because I took the time to pray with my child?”

No. Notice the part where his wife took his son to the doctor? That’s what’s important. Not whether he also mumbled magic words, or patted the kid on the head, or went home and sacrificed a chicken for the child’s good health. All that matters is that you don’t neglect necessary care because your superstitions say it is alright.