It’s a Daily Mail poll, so go ahead and demolish it

A UK court has decided that a pair of homophobic Pentacostal Christians should not be allowed to be foster parents to children, because they openly condemn homosexuality. I think it’s a shame that these deluded bigots won’t get an opportunity to learn that gay kids can be good people, too, but it’s probably better that they aren’t given a chance to poison any child’s life. The Daily Mail readers don’t seem to think that’s fair, though…why don’t you chip in with your opinions?

Should Christian couple against homosexuality be allowed to foster?

Yes 73%
No 27%

In case you’re waffling on this one, here’s some help: the Christian Legal Centre, which is defending the Pentacostals, are calling this an attack on “traditional views on sexual ethics”, as if that excuses them. They are claiming that this decision causes great suffering to ordinary people, as opposed to those weird freaky people, who deserve all the suffering they have coming to them.