Uh-oh, students

I’m in Minneapolis right now to give a talk at 2 at the Roseville library. My fellow Minnesotans all know we’re being hit with a big snow storm — the weather service is howling about blizzards and whiteouts. I’m beginning to suspect I’m not going to make it home today.

I have a Human Physiology class scheduled for 8am tomorrow morning. I’m hoping one or two of my students will see this message in a bottle and pass the word: I will be trying to get home today, but I’m not going to be stupid, and will give up rather than bulling on through hazardous conditions. If I do make it home, I will put a big message here saying COME TO CLASS MONDAY MORNING! Check before you go to bed tonight and if I’m stranded somewhere and don’t confirm my arrival…sleep in tomorrow.

I know you’ll all be hoping for my safe and timely travel.