We have an informal request here at scienceblogs that everyone avoid putting profanity in our article titles, since those may appear on everyone’s site, and some people find it objectionable. Fair enough; unfortunately, in this case, all I could think of to put up there was a paragraph’s worth of obscenities. So I left it blank.

House Rethuglicans have just voted to deny all funding to Planned Parenthood.

As part of their stated mission to focus on jobs (specifically, the job of preventing women from getting healthcare), House Republicans this afternoon voted 240-185 to bar federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

This is a big win for Rep. Mike Pence, the Indiana Republican whose deficit-minded crusade against Planned Parenthood hinges not on the argument that taxpayer money shouldn’t pay for abortions (the Hyde Amendment put a stop to that in the mid 1970s), but on the conviction that taxpayer money should not go to organizations that provide abortion services, regardless of what else they might do.

Pence’s plan, which will likely stall in the Senate, would mean the end of federal support for an organization that each year provides more than 800,000 women with breast exams, more than 4 million Americans with testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and 2.5 million people with contraception, which, not for nothing, is the stuff that prevents unintended pregnancy, and thus abortion, to begin with.

Bastards. Mother-fucking evil bastards.

This is what we can expect from these lunatics in the Republican party — years and years of destructive policy-making, in which they’ll rip out the infrastructure of the country, demolish the social safety net, and criminalize everyone who isn’t a wealthy white man.

I can’t say more, because from here on out I just get screamingly angry. Watch this video to see someone calling these monsters out.

Then go support Planned Parenthood. Sign their open letter. Never vote for a Republican, and do everything you can to see that vile party eradicated.