Do ask, do tell…with a poll

I’m so used to our do-nothing Democrats accomplishing nothing that I’m pleasantly surprised that they actually managed to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy afflicting our military. Congratulations, gay servicepeople!

Unfortunately, now we have to worry about marines’ legs falling off, and Fox News has gone whining to popular opinion with a poll (big numbers there, we probably won’t budge it much).

Will Ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Affect America’s Ability to Defend Itself?

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No — Being gay is about someone’s sexual preference, not their patriotism, acceptance of duty and their love of country. 40.84% (11,224 votes)

Undecided — We’re in a war in Afghanistan, and I’m not sure that this is the right time to undo something that will affect our men and women in combat. 5.28% (1,451 votes)

Yes — At the core of an effective military is trust, and allowing a lifestyle that might cause some members of our military to feel uncomfortable cuts to the heart of that trust. 52.6% (14,455 votes)

Other (post a comment) 1.28% (352 votes)

Expect further meltdowns and hysteria from the crazy religious right in the next few days — I’m already getting a buzz from the poor old Illinois Patriarchy Institute. We’re undermining the military by allowing the gay people already staffing our armed forces to admit that they exist!