Episode CXXIV: I love…[fill in your choice here]

On this dark and dismal night, let us turn the denizens of the perpetual conversion towards serious thoughts of feminism, poverty, the environment, and something else. (Not safe for work. But funny anyway).

“We’re just monkeys in shoes.” Love that line.

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  1. tielserrath says

    I would just like to mention that it’s Autistics Speaking Day today, where those of us with autistic spectrum disorders are trying to get across a little understanding of what it actually means to be autistic, beyond the Rain Man stereotype that so many in the neurotypical world hold so dear.

    *Please don’t confuse this with the charity Autism Speaks, which refuses to allow anyone with an ASD on its board, and campaigns for a ‘cure’ for a multifactorial genetic syndrome. Nor the vile antivax crowd.*

    (I heard Autism Speaks described recently as ‘Autism would Speak if Narcissistic Personality Disorder woud Shut the Fuck Up’, which sounds about right.)

    This is simply us, that crowd of ‘others’ who aren’t quite like you, and who struggle to get through each day, enduring bullying, exclusion and fear because we’re weird, awkward, socially inept, uncertain, odd.

    Please visit some of the links, especially the youtube clips. We’re just like you, you know. We simply can’t communicate it as well.

    Aspies don’t have emotions??:

    Ari Ne’eman interview: