I get email

Sometimes they sucker me. I thought James was writing a nice letter, at first.

I found your site to be entertaining. I must say after reading the comments from your site I can see where the problem really is in this country. The fools follow the leaders of silly nonsense.

See? It sort of sounds like he’s agreeing with me. Little did I know how he was using the word “entertaining”, which isn’t always complimentary. James is probably more familiar with the word in its less than flattering sense. Like when he turns to his date after sex to murmur, “Was it good for you, baby?” and she replies, “It was…entertaining.”

In the same way, James dashes my ego on the jagged rocks of his disapproval with the very next sentence.

You are either very immature or a godless liberal fool. Both would suffice based on your gibberish about evolution.

Nooooo! I am crushed…but wait. What’s that? The last sentence above — it simply ruins the effect. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy — you need to work on your delivery. The insult is fine, but don’t follow through with a statement that reveals your clownish nature. For instance, don’t do this:

“You are a fool. I wear my underpants on my head.”

Do you get my point? Take the underpants off your head before you try to pretend you’re a serious critic. Otherwise, the target will find themselves unable to take you at all seriously.

Scared your degree will be worthless? One day it will be when folks realize the dummying down of science to adjust to your religion..Scientism. That’s all it is.

Well, gosh, I’m not too scared. After all, my degree is almost worthless, economically. When you figure that I could have become a refrigerator repairman straight out of high school, I’ve given up a tremendous amount of money to get this degree, so it’s actually less than worthless.

I bet refrigerator repairmen don’t get dunned with dopey email about how they had to be dumbed down to believe that refrigerators actually work, or how they must worship coolants, and how Jesus uses his freeze ray to make things cold. I missed such an opportunity.

I was made to believe evolution while at University to be fact and never be doubted as not to be the only explanation of life.

Aaaiieeaaa! That sentence cries out in torment. My degree is at least good enough for alleviating the suffering of the English language a little bit. How about, “While I was at University, I was made to believe that evolution was a fact, never to be doubted as the only explanation for life.” Maybe you can use that when you recycle your complaint to Jerry Coyne or something.

That is when I knew the wolves were among us.

Thank you. That’s better than calling me a teddy bear, but not quite as nice as squid. I’m sure sheep find themselves intimidated by wolves all the time.

It’s nice to be educated, but not to be indoctrinated by pompous asses that believe they hold the key to all truths.

The letter is improving. I quite agree. It’s why I don’t go to church.

Good day..godless liberal fool…James

Too late, you’re still wearing underpants on your head, James!