Scotland should make the Discovery Institute squirm

Scotland now has its very own outpost of inanity, the Centre for Intelligent Design. It’s wonderfully revealing. The Discovery Institute takes great pains to hide their roots in evangelical Christianity — they want you to believe that their ideas are objective and secular, unwarped by religious ideology — but as soon as they leave the nest in Seattle, the mask seems to get lost at the airport and what emerges is simply Old Time Religion. This happened in Dover, where the creationists on the ground were simply using the rationalizations of Intelligent Design creationism to cover their fundamentalism, and now it’s happening in Scotland.

The article is hilarious. All the organizers of this new institute proudly put their evangelical Christian credentials front and center, and then they define ID:

Generally, proponents of intelligent design think a god created living matter and established the rules of the universe to guide its development.

Meanwhile, backstage, Stephen Meyer and Philip Johnson and all the other lyin’ rascals at the DI are flapping their hands frantically and going, “Shhhh, shhhh, shhhhh!” to get their European friends to shut up and stop giving away the game. They would never accept that definition, because they’re desperate to hide the fact that their entire movement is religiously motivated.