Dennis Markuze exposed

Many people in the godless community know and detest Dennis Markuze AKA David Mabus, the crazy spammer who repetitively and obsessively sends email and posts on forums and comments on blogs, with lunatic accusations, deranged claims of prophecy, threats, and random Depeche Mode videos. Others know him too; this is the guy who CC’s his rants against me to every member of the faculty at my university. He’s definitely mentally ill.

He also lives in Montreal, where I was this weekend for the AAI convention, and would you believe that he actually showed up! A while after someone pulled a fire alarm in the hotel, he appeared in the hall, ranted and raged and argued incoherently with a few of the attendees, and then…ran away. Really! He ran off! I was right there in the hall, and I missed him! I’m so disappointed. Apparently, though, in his swift and flighty passage through the room, he spotted me and then fled to the lobby to brag online about seeing me.

go post this up on “pharnygula”. I’ve had an opportunity to see PZ’s ugly face in real life! I am spamming the world from the Delta Hotel where the convention is taking place….

I know. He’s crazy and pathetic.

But here’s what you really want to know. Tessa Brown got a good photo of the loon who has been so pitifully harrassing us on the internet, and here it is.

It’s a shame he didn’t have the courage to actually talk to me. I would have invited him out to the hotel bar for a beer.