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Larry Moran is as exasperated as I am with these so-called allies who accuse the Gnu Atheists of ignorance of the ‘sophisticated’ modern arguments for gods and the rationality of theists. We keep being told we’re know-nothings who are simply unaware of the great stuff that believers actually believe, yet somehow, these defenders of the faithful never quite manage to continue their train of thought and tell us what those great ideas are. So he has issued a simple challenge:

I challenge all theists and all their accommodationist friends to post their very best 21st century, sophisticated (or not), arguments for the existence of God. They can put them in the comments section of this posting, or on any of the other atheist blogs, or on their own blogs and websites. Just send me the link.

Try and make it concise and to the point. It would be nice if it’s less than 100 years old. Keep in mind that there are over 1000 different gods so it would be helpful to explain just which gods the argument applies to.

I’d be looking forward to the replies, if I wasn’t confident that what he’ll get instead is a lot of evasions.