I Am Curious (Luminescent)

I just got word that I am actually written up in, ahem, Playboy magazine, in the October issue, available ’round about now at your newsstand or via your subscription. Anyone got it? I’m curious to know if they discuss my awesome virility and elegant fashions at all, or if the discussion is confined to my teaching, as they said it would be.

There is no pictorial spread. This is a men’s magazine, remember — they wouldn’t want to intimidate their readers.

By the way, they are a very nice and considerate bunch. They actually sent me notification and asked if there was anything they should be careful about when sending out press releases to local groups. Here’s part of what they sent me:

I wanted to quickly ask you all if there are any sensitivities I should be aware of before conducting any local media outreach around your campuses. I plan on doing so, and wanted to check with you all to make sure that you don’t mind being mentioned in the local paper, campus newspaper, etc., before I begin.

I’ve passed it on to the university PR department (when I told them I’d been written up in Playboy, I got a wary, “Is this a good story, or a bad story?”) and I’m letting them make those decisions. It’s a little touchy. Morris has a bunch of blue law restrictions in town, or it might even be county wide, that do not allow the sale of anything suggestive or pornographic — not even Playboy (so no copy for me until I get to a big city somewhere.)

It would be really interesting to see this article mentioned in the local newspaper, telling readers about my appearance in a Forbidden Magazine.