Gaytheists make lousy spies

Hemant recruited a couple of members of the Homosexual Conspiracy to infiltrate an anti-gay seminar near where he lives, and I was shocked when I got to the part where the organizers noticed one of them was taking notes and asked her if she was against their agenda, she said yes! And then she got kicked out of several of the talks.

Really, people, this honesty thing is going to make it difficult to effectively spy on the opposition.

Anyway, she still got to attend most of the talks, and two reporters were at work (mission redundancy! That will help), so we’ve still got a full report on the whole sordid event. Read part 1 and part 2 now, and the third and final part will go up later today.

Just the list of speakers is interesting. They’re all affiliated with ministries or theology departments or Liberty University (there was a big investment of LU speakers here), or they’re part of one of those fanatical anti-gay organizations. It’s conservative religious ideology through and through.