A glimpse of a theocratic world

Nope, I’m going to call this story debunked. A commenter has pointed out that Jhelum has several established Christian communities and is not the monolithic Islamic city the story implies, so it looks like this is a complete fabrication by Compass Direct News, a Christian propaganda outfit. The only stories here are that Christians lie to feed their martyr complex, and sometimes I’m fooled.

Jamshed Masih is a police officer in Pakistan who also happens to be a Christian. He transferred to a town dominated by the local Muslim cleric, Maulana Mahfooz Khan. In a story that sounds like the beginning of a Western, Khan warned Masih that Jhelum was his place, and he wasn’t going to stand for any filthy Christian scum livin’ in this here town. Local businesses refused to serve his family, there was a lot of tension…if this were a movie, you’d expect the new sheriff in town to be cleaning up the intolerant boss.

This wasn’t a movie, though, and the real world never seems to resolve itself so neatly. Instead, while Masih was away, Khan accused his 11 year old son of blaspheming against Allah, roused up a mob of good devout Muslims, and murdered Masih’s wife and four young children. The only blasphemy described is that neighbors heard the children singing hymns at breakfast time.

Yes. They were slaughtered because they did not practice Khan’s religion of peace. And because children were singing songs Khan did not like.

Masih has filed a legal complaint. The police administrators have refused to accept it or do anything, because Khan is powerful in the area, and because, after all, the children were blaspheming against Islam.

No human being should ever have to live under a theocracy, the most barbarous and inhuman form of government anyone has ever developed.