Gillian McKeith does not have a Ph.D.

So don’t call her Dr McKeith. She hasn’t earned it. Also, it irks her something fierce when you question her title.

If you’re an American, you have something you can take real pride in: you’ve probably never heard of Gillian McKeith. I hadn’t. Apparently, she’s a prominent woo-peddler in the UK, with her face and various encomiums plastered on magic chlorophyll pills and dong-distenders and ingredients for superfoods that will make your hair grow and your liver do backflips. She also writes popular books that make outrageously silly claims about medicine and science. She also claims to have a Ph.D., a bit of fraud that she was told to stop making because it is a lie — she seems to have bought some pieces of paper from quacky diploma mills.

If you contact the Australasian College of Health Sciences (Portland, US) where McKeith has a “pending diploma in herbal medicine”, they say they can’t tell you anything about their students. When you contact Clayton College of Natural Health to ask where you can read her PhD, they say you can’t. What kind of organisations are these? If I said I had a PhD from Cambridge, US or UK (I have neither), it would only take you a day to find it.

She’s one of the citizens of the evil empire we bravely and patriotically broke free of 221 years ago (good thing, too — I hear their queen is a baby-eating reptoid). We don’t have to worry too much about her here in the ex-colonies. Note, though, where she got her fake degrees: here in the USA. That contributes to a recent twist.

Rachel Moody made a casual comment about McKeith not having a Ph.D. on Twitter, which really annoyed the quack. She fired back, and what’s weird is she is now arguing that questioning her degree is a sign of anti-Americanism. Say what? I didn’t know all the foreigners were also expected to be patriotic pro-Americans! This will make Glenn Beck so happy.

So you believe if you tell a lie enough times it becomes fact. It doesn’t honey! Your anti-American bigotry is too glaring. gx
6:43 PM Jul 8th via web in reply to rachelemoody

Miss Anti-American: How sad a life to enjoy reading lies about another by an ass who makes money from pharmaceutical giants
6:22 PM Jul 8th via web in reply to rachelemoody

Sad thing Rachel that your excitement comes from negativity. Think about it. U can shift yourself when you decide
5:57 PM Jul 8th via web in reply to rachelemoody

Is it that you don’t like my Doctorate (PhD) because it’s from America and you’re discriminatory? USA knows how to educate too
5:56 PM Jul 8th via web in reply to rachelemoody

I’m a little creeped out. It’s annoying enough when our pundits wrap themselves in the American flag and announce their loyalty, but really…a citizen of the UK groveling over a colonial affiliation? Don’t they take people like that out and have them keelhauled or put in stocks or flogged around the fleet anymore?

I would agree with McKeith that the US does have very good universities where you can get a good doctorate-level education. McKeith did not attend any of them. Also, for every Stanford and Harvard we have our share of diploma mills and fake, unaccredited pseudo-universities. Case in point: Kent Hovind, creationist jailbird, has a “Ph.D.” from Patriot “University”, a ranch-style house and fundamentalist church in Colorado. If McKeith would like to add to her woo credentials, she could also pick up a degree in astrology from Kepler College.

We are a nation rich in crackpots. Just saying your degree was bought in America is not a guarantee of quality.