Salon v. Huffington Post

Alex Pareene jumps on the anti-HuffPo bandwagon:

Giving a space to quacks to sell vitamin supplements to morons is insulting enough, but actually allowing a shameless asshole like Klinghoffer to use the Holocaust to promote his right-wing crusade to teach children lies is beyond the pale. Platform or no, there’s no reason for anyone rational or even anyone with a sense of shame to continue giving Huffington free content.

Orac is going to be peeved that his jeremiads against quackery at the HuffPo didn’t prompt this response, but what can I say? Jenny McCarthy killing kids with bad advice is small potatoes against stupidity, Nazism, and the Discovery Institute.

Well, not really. The anti-science is just the last straw that broke the back of a camel groaning under a load of Newage garbage.