Morbid squid sex story

You’re reading this over breakfast, right? Just want to be sure I’ve caught you at an appropriate moment.

The story is simple: scientists have figured out how deep sea squid, which lack a modified arm for sex, copulate. It’s obvious now — the males have an enormous penis, as long as their whole body. It just hasn’t been easy to notice in the typically dead, flaccid, often somewhat decomposed state of many deep sea squid specimens.

The morbid part is that scientists caught a live specimen of Onykia ingens — well, dying specimen, actually — and they started cutting open the mantle, which prompted a surprising response from the animal. It got an erection and started ejaculating on the table. A two-foot long erection. I’m impressed at both its endowment and the remarkably inappropriate timing of its deployment.

Some of you really want to see this, and others are already planning to run away screaming. I’ll be nice and put the photo below the fold.


The long pale tube at the bottom is the animal’s penis.

The picture kind of reminds me of the facehugger from the movie Alien — and now you know what the tube forced down John Hurt’s throat was, which adds a whole new level of squickiness to it.