Australia is becoming more and more like the US

That’ll send a chill down Antipodean spines. They’ve got creationists just like us (please stop sending them here, we’re full up), and they’ve also got crazy anti-vaxers promoting dangerous public health practices in public libraries. Fortunately, they also have skeptics opposing the people who want to make babies vulnerable to disease — maybe we should put a positive, friendly spin on it and call the anti-vaxers pro infant mortality — and they’re busy gearing up with information to combat ignorance.

If you’re living near Perth, it might be a good idea to make some contacts, and maybe show up at the dead baby promotional event at the library in June to protest.

P.S. We’re full up on anti-vaxers, too. Australia sent us Ken Ham, I think it would be only fair to respond by sending Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy to the southern hemisphere.