Stupid poll

So, Greta Van Susteren, Fox News babbler, got some hate mail telling her how stupid she is. Instead of just chucking it in the trash, or simply making fun of it (the guy made a spelling error, of course), she had to go out of her way to demonstrate that maybe the fellow was right. How? She turned it into an online poll, asking who was dumber, Brian or Greta. The fact that she used a poll made the answer obvious.

Who is dumber?

Greta? 73%
Brian for spending his time watching someone he thinks is dumb 27%

You can see how it is going. Pile on if you want.

I can’t believe she did that. I know that if I ran a poll asking, “Is PZ a poopyhead?”, the yes votes would run ahead of the no votes at least 10 to 1. Is she really that clueless about the nature of the internet beast?