1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    What are you complaining about? It’s a great picture of you, PZ.

  2. irenedelse says

    Hmm. The folder is labeled “insane visions”. How’s that for lucidity? ;-)

  3. Gregory Greenwood says

    PZ, is that the Trophy Squid(TM) you are with in that picture?

  4. Die Anyway says

    Ok, I give. Is that glans-headed, multi-tentacled monster your sidekick or is it an evil being that has you in its grasp?

    But either way, I would have recognized the PZ visage. No mistaking that!

  5. Windyshrimp says

    No wonder you were expelled from Expelled. The entire theater would have smelled like a tide pool.

  6. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    So, that’s what you look like when you throw off that mild mannered professor disguise. Suitable, but where’s the cyberpistol and pirate hat?

  7. MoonShark says

    Didn’t know PZ was one of the X-men. That’s awesome. I’m assuming this implies some sort of mind-control powers for summoning cephalopods.

    Alterna-post: Shouldn’t there be a scarlet A on the chest? Because I bet this is how all atheists look to religious folks… *sigh*

  8. Deadbunnygangsta says

    For some reason I thought you’d have on pumped f$%^k-me high heels and net stocking?

  9. Androly-San says

    I will envision you as such in all future angry posts.

    Feel the wrath of Cephalopodius!!!!! (your new official supervillain nickname)

  10. NewEnglandBob says

    Your hair on top is thinner than that, otherwise a perfect likeness.

  11. bill.farrell says

    I must say that it’s considerably better than your usual attire!!

  12. Nebula99 says

    Awesome! A cyberpistol or some form of Steampunk weapon would be just about the only thing that could improve on this. Dashukta, your link is broken–but I googled Cthulutech and it looks cool. I’ll have to see about a campaign in that.

  13. says

    That needs to go on a t-shirt. STAT!

  14. Augster says

    Look out, you could be cast in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

  15. Carlie says

    Given the previous threads today, I keep wanting to caption it “Is that an octopus on your shoulder, or are you just happy to see me?”

  16. Kurt1 says

    awesome picture of you, but who is that hairy guy you entangle there?
    and cthulhu (tech) p&p rocks.

  17. Brownian, OM says

    New from Hasbro: New Atheist® action figures! Collect ’em all!

    PZ Myers action figure with Cracker Frackin’ Grip™ and Cephalopoid pal™ shown here. Trophy Wife™ sold separately.

  18. Big Boppa says

    Not bad. But I think it would look even better wearing a crown of gonads.

  19. scottfmessinger says

    Great… everyone here in the office is wondering why I’m giggling uncontrollably.

  20. Feynmaniac, Chimerical Toad says

    PZ Myers….the real Dr. Octopus!

    This would make a great comic book. In the first story PZ will face his archnemesis, the insane magician Mabus.

  21. Aquaria says

    In the first story PZ will face his archnemesis, the insane magician Mabus.

    If you have Mabus’s ship be the Time Cube, I think you may have a winner on your hands!

  22. Feynmaniac, Chimerical Toad says

    By day time he is a mild mannered biology professor who runs a popular blog. By night time he is a caped squided crusader fighting crime.

  23. blf says

    It’s not entirely clear if there’s one or two creatures here, but both are adorable and cuddly. But shouldn’t they be gnawing on babies or puppies?

  24. Feynmaniac, Chimerical Toad says

    It’s not entirely clear if there’s one or two creatures here, but both are adorable and cuddly.

    He was scientist conducting experiments involving cephalopods, symbiosis and radiation when something went horribly awry….

    (Seriously, this comic book needs to be created!)

  25. Sastra says

    One glance at this fierce, tentacled, predator warrior and the viewer is seized with an almost unbearable urge to dress him in a fuzzy sweater with a bow tie, give him a chocolate chip cookie, and hug him.

    Which is an interesting reaction on the part of the viewer. But, there it is.

  26. Brownian, OM says

    @ #30:

    [The scene: a dank, steamy, poorly lit room, filled with pipes and hoses. A large pit fills the centre of the room. A squad of pantalooned Pontifical Swiss Guards bring in PZ, hands bound.]

    PZ: (to Mooneybaum) What’s going on…buddy?

    MOONEYBAUM: You’re being put into communion wafer dough.

    [Ken Ham moves away from the group to Bill Donohue.]

    HAM: What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.

    DONOHUE: The Vatican will compensate you if he dies. Put him in!

    [Realizing what is about to happen, Dawkins lets out a wild howl and attacks the tone trolls and accommodationists surrounding PZ. Within seconds, other Vatican reinforcements join the scuffle, clubbing the giant biologist with their laser weapons.

    The accommodationists are about to bash Dawkins in the face.]

    PZ: Stop, Richard, stop! Do you hear me? Stop!

    [PZ breaks away from his captors. Vader nods to the guards to let him go and the blogger breaks up the fight.]

    PZ: Richard! Richard, this won’t help me. Hey!

    [PZ gives the biologist a stern look.]

    PZ: Save your strength. There’ll be another time. The Pharynguhorde—you have to take care of them. You hear me?

    [PZ winks at Dawkins, who wails a doleful farewell. In a flash the guards have slipped binders on Dawkins, who is too distraught to protest. PZ turns to the Pharynguhorde. Suddenly, one of the Horde steps forward.]

    SOPHIA-DANIELS: I love you, PZ!

    PZ: I know.

  27. Randomfactor says

    So, PZ… You’ve, umm… been working out, huh?

    Obviously…on a Nautilus.

  28. Gregory Greenwood says

    Brownian, OM @ 41;

    We all know it is OK, though, because in the next scene Mooneybaum will have a last minute change of heart and will free the mighty Dawkins-Bacca and princess Sophia-Daniels from the evil Pontifical Swiss Guards, and they will go on to rescue PZ from O’reilly the Hut in the next movie.

    All the while, the final confrontation between Brownian Skywalker and Pope Palpatine aboard the Death-Cult Star grows ever closer…

  29. chuckgoecke says

    PZ, in the last twenty years, while you were frozen trapped out on the prairie, there have been tremendous advances in the field of dentistry.

  30. says

    Actually, the image makes PZ look like a Babylon 5 Vorlon or something.

  31. says


    The studio promo shot is perfect; I hope you got the whole series. They’re great.


  32. Charlie Foxtrot says

    Yoik! That’s a keeper!
    I don’t know where I’ll use it, but its too good not to have!
    Anybody know a good 25mm sculptor? I’d love to have that in my miniatures collection :)

  33. Mattir says

    Walton, note the enthusiastic female response. Apparently actual feminism works even better when you’re enmeshed with a mutant squid. (Does Oxford have those?)

  34. Heather C says

    You look strong enough to spend several minutes violently shaking John Davison, terrifying him just enough to make him tastier through the release of adrenaline…

  35. Fred The Hun says

    Looks like we could send him to fight the oil spill in the GOM… Hmm, on second thought send him to the boardroom at BP’s next damage control session and broadcast it live.

  36. david.utidjian says

    I like it. Missing the spectacles though. Could add a pair of some sort of Steampunk specs.

  37. danielm says

    that is pure awesome and win.

    It almost need some sort of over-the-top quote like “Behold – Science! Where is your god now, believers?!”

  38. Spareboy says

    Zoinks, I’ve seen those menacing eyes before. But I suspect it’s simply Old Man Withers. I wonder what he would have gotten away with…

  39. Birger Johansson says

    P Z, since you have apparently gone headfirst into H.P. Lovecraft’s narrative universe, you will be happy to know that Charles Stross’ “The Fuller Memorandum” (the third novel in the “Neuromancer meets Cthulhu and Dilbert” series) will come out this July. Lots of demons, computers and explosions (or Life as usual at the University of Minnesota?).

  40. geneyfer says

    That is teh awesome.

    Just has one minor niggle, but then again I’m sure there’s a manicurist somewhere on campus.