1. Sili, The Unknown Virgin says

    Well, perhaps if you lost a coupla pounds so the poor triceratops wouldn’t have to go see a chiropractor.

  2. Glen Davidson says

    Maybe it’s just a ban on creationists, the only ones who think humans might have ridden dinosaurs.

    Depends on whether or not the dinosaur is real or a replica, of course.

    Glen D

  3. William says

    When I first saw the photo of PZ on the dinosaur I thought, “Looks like the museum was a good sport about it, good for them.”


  4. marteani says

    “There should be cartoon confessionals where we could go and say things like, ‘Father, I have sinned – I have drawn dinosaurs and hominids together in the same cartoon.'”
    – Gary Larson

  5. cag says

    PZ, I trust that you used the cost of your “museum” visit as an education expense. After all, without the visit how would you be expected to know that man and dinosaur were symbiotic?

  6. Anthropocene says

    That sign seems like the perfect new symbol to oppose I.D.

    It’s almost as good as the Ichthys (jesus fish) with feet!

    Where can I order my bumper sticker?

  7. george.wiman says

    Piffle; if I were running a creation museum, I’d charge a dollar for adults to climb up on the triceratops to have their picture taken. Children could climb up for free.

    I could use the money to buy antidepressants, because… I’d be running a damned creation museum and life without self-respect is depressing.

  8. puseaus says

    Following creationist logic, the creation museum is the best existing proof there is no God at all. Any God with self-respect would immideately have sent a huge winged Tyrannosaurus to grab the museum, rip it off the Earth, and fly it to Uranus or any equivalent location. Possibly this is Ken Hams actual plan, but he may have to wait for a long time for it to happen. If I know the nonexistent God right.

  9. ambook says

    I remember climbing on a fairly life-sized triceratops on the National Mall in DC, across from the Museum of Natural History. But even as a 5 year old, I was totally sure that people and dinosaurs didn’t co-exist in the reality-based universe.

  10. MadScientist says

    I think the sign belongs in every bible: “Humans never rode dinosaurs.”

  11. Ströh says

    It looks as if the triceratops’ head is being separated from the body, indicating the risk of breaking an actual object.

    Could be any exhibit featuring climbable (but not climb sustainable) dinosaur models.

  12. defides says

    I’m surprised.

    I thought all you guys from the mid-west just vaulted into the saddle…

    …maybe I watched too many Westerns.

  13. Muskiet says

    Wait… why did the video stop once somebody sexy got on that thing?
    Turn the camera back on!

  14. Carlie says

    Look closely – there is no saddle in that sign, so it obviously means “no barebacking”. Since there was a saddle clearly visible in your picture, you’re off the hook, PZ.