I wish I’d thought of this

Years ago, when my kids were little and easily impressed, we had a tradition of making pancakes on Sunday morning (better than church!). I’d sometimes go wild and make a mickey mouse pancake, or sometimes we’d have chocolate chip pancakes, but I never played around quite as much as Jim, who makes weird pancakes all the time. I like this one, for some reason.



  1. Kieranfoy says


    Heathen. May the Equine Inquisition of the IPU (BBHHH) put you to the question.

    Oh, wait. I’m in it.

    No one expects the Equine Inquisition!

  2. PZ Myers says

    Hey! The Church of the Smiling Vagina will have you both up on charges of heresy!

    Come to think of it…it would be interesting to make a pancake with the symbol of that faith in it…

  3. Kieranfoy says

    @P.Z. Meyers: Bring it…

    Waitaminute! Smiling? Are there teeth?

    Thanks, but I’ll stick with the IPU.

  4. Andyo says

    PZ sorry for the OT

    I got a couple of comments trapped in moderation at the German Jesus thread (actually the same one, one time with my Vox account and another with the crappy typepad one so you can release just one). Should I comment again? Last time my comments got held I never saw them.

  5. Moggie says

    It’s octolicious! But an essential part of making pancakes is tossing them (throwing food is fun!), and that pancake looks like it might be too fragile for that.

  6. Bride of Shrek OM says

    It’s blue. In Australia, octopuses that are blue are BAD. I wouldn’t eat it. Besides it looks like it’s smiling. I’d never eat something that seems to enjoy wanting to be eaten.

    If bacon ever comes out in a form that’s blue or smiling I’m stuffed.

  7. Romeo Vitelli says

    Jim is going to be sorry when the Old One finally rises and starts taking names.

  8. sparganium5 says

    Reminds me of the days when my youngest was around 10, invited a bunch of friends to stay overnight, and in the morning they made multi-colored penis-and-testicle-shaped pancakes. Roaring good time for them. I suppose they were hoping to shock me, but after four boys, very little shocks.

  9. Westcoaster says

    On the linked page, there’s one that’s supposed to be a chariot. When I first saw it I thought it was conjugating bacteria. Does that mean I’ve got a dirty mind?

  10. Carlie says

    I suppose they were hoping to shock me, but after four boys, very little shocks.

    I would have been shocked simply that they had made their own breakfast.

  11. JB says

    I do a pretty mean giraffe and my spiders (sometimes with web) are works of art.

    I thought I was the only one. Ho hum.