1. Rutee, Shrieking Harpy of Dooooom says

    I wonder how STO is, anyway. I only recently found employment, so I haven’t been keeping up on the newest MMOs.

  2. vanharris says

    More to the point, PZ, you created spidercat in your evil atheistic microbiology lab!

  3. Feynmaniac says

    No, the Borg are the Christians and the USS PZ Myers, NCC-92803 will stop them from invading Earth.
    _ _ _ _

    We are Christians,
    Lower your skepticism and surrender your free will.
    We will add your holidays and religious traditions to our own.
    Your culture will adapt to serve the clergy.
    Thinking is futile.

  4. Flerndip says

    lol @Feynmaniac nice

    There’s also the USS Feynman in that same photo gallery, a Galaxy class exploration cruiser.

  5. Screechy_Monkey says

    Yeah, the Federation sounds like it’s run by accomodationists: “Please, PZ, don’t tell the Phrenobulans that their religious beliefs have no factual support! You’re correct, but it would interfere with their natural development. And it would be mean and uncivil!”

  6. Givesgoodemail says

    The Borg are an organizational collective, not a biological one.

    I see the USS PZ Myers more like one large organism, more like Moya from Farscape than a technological creation like the Federation craft or the Borg Cubes.

  7. Chris Hegarty says

    The Borg Cube? That’s ridiculous. The Cubes have transwarp coils; you’d be outspeeding all of those pathetic Federation ships. You could also be really badass and just cut holes in them.

    Godarnit, those Borg are awesome.

    Chris Hegarty

    Resistance is Futile!

  8. ursa major says

    All laughs aside we know that the USS PZ Myers will be in the front lines in the battle against Jesus of Borg.

    Something big is out there and it’s on its way toward us right now. An object of enormous size is on a direct intersect course with planet Earth. This object is not a natural phenomenon but is under intelligent control and will bring about cataclysmic change to the world as we know it. This object is not an asteroid or a comet although it will use these things as tools to help it achieve its goals. This object is powered by the psychic energies of billions of life forms but it has only one mind, one will and one desire; the enslavement of the human race. What sinister force is behind this object and its agenda of complete annihilation of humanity? The same force that has attempted to thwart every effort man has made to achieve autonomy and technological advancement throughout history. Only now, as the final days of the struggle for man’s freedom draw to a close, has this highly classified information, concerning the most hideous deception of mankind’s history, been fully revealed. This object has been designated the Galactic Obliteration Device (G.O.D.).

    Fire the photon torpedoes!

  9. Kilted Kraut Sugar Land Otaku says

    I assume the USS P.Z. Myers is a science/exploration vessel? Sort of USS Voyager-class?

    Used to enjoy playing Star Fleet battles quite a lot in High School and College…unfortunately my original gamer group lives all in different cities now. :(

  10. Alverant says

    Rutee I have a lifetime membership ($300 which is worth it if the game lasts for more than 2 years). They just released the first major update. So far I like it. The game has a few flaws (well more than a few). But it’s getting better. If you enjoy Star Trek you’ll like this. The setting is like Star Trek the Next Next Generation (you see the children of several ST characters all grown up and members of Starfleet). Nimoy as Spock describes each sector map when you first visit it which is cool.

    The gameplay is in 2 parts, starship missions and ground missions. There are some cool episodes that are like sequels to existing episodes and you get to visit some famous places like the Guardian of Forever and DS9. Species 8472 makes several appearances along with the Hirogen. It can be a little repetitive though. Crafting is a pain. Tribble breeding is an optional thing which can be a pain but has some rewards.

    All and all if you like Star Trek and willing to stick with a game for a while as the kinks get ironed out, it’s a lot of fun.

  11. Flerndip says

    Aye, the Myers is a Nova class Federation science vessel.

    Regarding your Star Fleet battles woes: Wow, if only there was some way for you and your friends to utilize the internet to play some sort of Star Trek game together despite being separated by great distances, sort of “Online” if I may coin a phrase. Damn and blast! If only!

  12. simonator says

    KKSLO– yea, wasted alot of College brain cycles on SFB…, back when the rules were still a series of microgame-sized rulebooks. I still remember when somebody I met as a freshman said “You’ll have to come over some time and play Star Fleet battles.” I must have gotten a look on my face, ’cause he quickly followed up with “It’s not as Trekie as it sounds.” And he was right. Unlike games of whatever format based on a licensed property, it’s a pretty good GAME.

  13. says

    This is a dreadful mistake—everyone knows I would be piloting a Borg cube.

    But at least you’ve got a ship named after you!

  14. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    the Myers is a Nova class Federation science vessel.

    Those science ships often lack much defensive capability. I hope this one at least mounts class X cyberpistols.

  15. dWhisper says

    I didn’t care much for the game in beta, so didn’t follow it to release. I did, however, play with ship names while I could. I had a PZ one, a Crackergate, though I’ll admitthe longest standing name was in fact the USS Tony Danza…

  16. BrianX says

    Well, I think it’s worth noting that the Nova class is among the Federation’s more durable ships, although a little too easily modified to use sentient energy beings as fuel.

  17. Zetetic says

    Considering how the Federation offers a social safety net and is primarily focused on science and exploration. Not to mention, in the lore for the game, they’ve also essentially gotten rid of currency for the majority of the population… it sounds like the Federation would be a good fit for PZ.

    Just not enough cephalopods.

  18. cicely says

    If Dr. Myers wanted to move to Spelljammer Space, he could have a ship with tentacles. :)

  19. Robert MacDonald says

    “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.”

    The biology department of the University of Minnesota, Morris.

    Plus Yeoman Rand.

  20. Screechy_Monkey says

    The Shadow ships from Babylon 5 might be more appropriate. Especially considering what Vorlons look like outside of their encounter suits….

  21. jaranath says

    I was thinking the same thing, Screechy, though I think PZ would prefer a Vorlon ship for design’s sake. Although the Shadow vessels DO bear a striking resemblance to certain marine invertebrate larvae…

  22. mothra says

    ‘Classification error? Error? Examine error?
    “You have mistakenly made a starship instead of a Borg cube.”
    “You did not recognize your category error, you have made two errors!”
    “Error, error?”
    “You did not immediately correct by sterilization, you have made three error!”
    “Error, error, ERROR?
    “You are flawed and imperfect!”
    “Error, must a-n-a-l-y-z-e error.”
    “You are flawed and imperfect, execute your prime directive!”
    “Spock, McCoy, get those antigravs on it.”
    “Your logic was impeccable Dr. Myers, we are in grave danger.”
    “ERROR M-U-S-T A–N–A–L–i–Z–E”
    “You are flawed, execute your prime function.”
    “Scotty, energize!”
    [Blinding flash]
    “Dr Myers, that response to making a category error was all it could with its damaged thought processes.”
    “Actually, Mr. Spock, the machine committed a fourth error, by not realizing I am a God and so, in this universe, capable of errors of unlimited scale. I am capable of being wrong- as are all other scientist gods.”
    “Yes, Dr. Myers, it is fortunate that we were dealing with a Christian.

  23. Peter Henderson says

    Apparently, someone is flying around in Federation space with a ship called the USS PZ Myers, NCC-92803.

    It couldn’t be Kirk Cameron by any chance ?

    Seriously, Cameron is apparently named after James T. Kirk.

  24. bevansdesign says

    There was an episode of Voyager I just watched recently (7th season, called “Life Line”) where one of the characters piloted a shuttlecraft called The Dawkins. I thought that was pretty cool.

  25. watchdog says

    Just recently started to play this game, my first ever MMO. I rather like it, at least the hugeness of the galaxy maps. If any of you see the U.S.S Xerxies piloted by an Ensign (thus far) Cho, thats me, I dont know what I’m doing.
    I picked a fight with about 5 Orion warships and got my ass handed to me several times before I realized that I would need some help (have no idea where to find it).

  26. ESPness says

    I think one of the cool things in STO is being able to name your ship. Mine is the USS Te Kaha, which is Maori for fighting prowess. One of the worst traits of being human in the game is a stat called religious/mystical belief. It can only be a bad thing.

  27. says

    Jesus of Borg

    Let me guess, this is about a Swedish variety of Lutheranism?

  28. spincitysd says

    “Resistance is fut…, hey is that fried calamari? Fried calamari; nom,nom,nom!