Party time in Missouri!

Skepticon 3: Too Hard For God

Springfield, that is. And you’ll have to wait until November, but it will be worth it. It’s Skepticon 3! Read about the meeting. Peruse the list of speakers. Register now. If you’re rich, help by sponsoring.

I hear there will be a drinking contest between Richard Carrier and Rebecca Watson, which will be an event for the ages. I’m excused because of my advanced age and unfairly fine-honed metabolism.

It’s a fabulously fun meeting. You want to go.


  1. Carlie says

    Why isn’t it during the summer when those of us tied to the school calendar can travel? Whyyyyy???? I actually have relatives there! I could go! But not during the semester! *pout*

  2. says

    It’s scheduled the weekend before Thanksgiving (with expectations that this *shouldn’t* interfere with classes). It is am awesome conference, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


  3. DLC says

    Perhaps one day I’ll have time and money to indulge in such things. If so, i’ll be glad to buy a round for the skeptics.

  4. Carlie says

    Ah, I forgot you get so much time off for Thanksgiving. We only get the end of the week. I hope it’s fun!

  5. broboxley says

    Missouri State campus sweet, I can spend the entire week searching for what city that holds this particular campus and event

  6. 23cal says

    I heard great things about the last one and have already registered for this one. Can’t wait!

  7. Drew says

    Gonna try to make it out this time. I’m only a few hours away and I went to college in Springfield.

  8. KOPD42 says

    That’s like in my backyard (if my backyard could be described as 300 miles long). I wonder how I let this slip past me before. I’ll definitely consider going, if possible. I wish it was in Columbia instead, where I’d have a few free places to stay, but oh well. Unfortunately, starting a new job means I don’t have much time to take off, and I’ll be borrowing against what little time I have coming to me when KOPDjr comes along in May. But I’ll do what I can, and maybe I’ll see some of you fine folks there.

  9. Hey! Get This . . . says

    While you are in my town, visit the Japanese Stroll Garden: []. ($3 & Pro photographers must pay fee.)

    Springfield also has America’s only Double Crossover Diamond Interchange, wooohoo! You don’t want to miss that! [].

  10. Canuck says

    I am wondering if there might be room for a widowed, mobility challenged, female fogy. Almost everyone looks so very young. Would there be information about nearby accessable hotels and so forth?

  11. blf says

    I’m a male fogy, and they put up with me.

    Yes, but you’ve got tentacles, lots of tentacles, cloven hoofs, forked tail and tongue, a Trophy Wife™, horns, and you breathe fire, eat babies, and are followed by a ravenous horde that make you look like a polite, sensible, cuddly teddy bear called Poopyhead. And you hate crackers.

  12. Empion says

    All ages are welcome to Skepticon :)

    The university and theaters are accessable. As I’m from Springfield, I have never stayed at any of the hotels, so I’m not sure how much advice I can give there. Even if you can’t find a good hotel right near the university, Springfield is small enough that you can get from one end to the other in 20 minutes, so everywhere in town is close :)

    Nearby hotels:,-93.270922&sspn=0.051066,0.111494&ie=UTF8&rq=1&ev=zo&radius=3.07&hq=hotels&hnear=&ll=37.197587,-93.273926&spn=0.051072,0.111494&z=14

  13. JT Eberhard says

    Everything is handicap accessible and, if necessary, we will have the manpower this year to have somebody help you whenever need be.

    For lodging, there’s a lodging thread on the forum at the web site. Some of us locals can recommend good hotels or even offer up guest bed rooms and couches for the destitute. Head on over to the forum and hash it out. :)

    Can’t wait to see everybody!

  14. Canuck says

    I will look into the possibilities. And, by the way, Mr Myers, you have posted a picture. You aren’t nearly old enough to really qualify as a fogy.