I’m a sucker for romance

There’s this contest, see, where a fabulous free wedding is given away. And one of the contestants wrote to me with their plans for a godless affair at the Boston Museum of Science, and from their description both are geeky nerds, and they’re trying to get this wedding arranged fast since the bride’s grandfather is dying of cancer, so how could I resist? I voted for them. That’s all you have to do to give them a shot at winning.

Dammit. I keep trying to overcome this teddy bear image, and everyone knows I’m a soft touch.


  1. RayM says

    This will test the dedication of the hordes… one has to create an account before one’s vote is counted. And this couple needs nearly 2500 more votes to get into the lead!

  2. vanharris says

    PZ, it’s not obvious to me which couple is the deserving one. The pair in the link don’t necessarily seem to be godless.

  3. PZ Myers says

    I got the info in personal email. As you might guess, being openly atheist in this kind of contest might lose you some votes.

    Except here, of course.

  4. jan says

    and now for something completely different:

    I see we are being sponsored by professional Jenna, astrologist, 100% accurate.

    Banner right over the Pharyngula one, quite surreal.

    I clicked, thinking it might be a joke, but no…

    she will tell you your future

    romance, money etc.

  5. Big Ugly Jim says

    I voted for them. I’m not big on marriage for me, but the idea of it for other people? Hey, who am I to judge? If this is the direction they want to go, I’ll throw my nod to the ungodly ones.

    I think I’m actually going to be performing the marriage of two of my closest friends this summer. They’ve been really insistent that they want me to do it.

  6. Samwise says

    Ya big softie. Hope they win!

    Y’know, it’s not so much PZ commanding “his” hordes; it’s more that he’s the scouting hornet who marks a tempting target with pheromones. Bzzz bzzz, snip snip.

  7. Jadehawk, OM says

    Have we ever gotten 2500 people to vote on something before?

    all the time; but not on things that required registration, so that might be a bit difficult

  8. omnipasje says

    I’m wondering if this is the same wedding program another friend linked to me.
    Only the one she asked me to vote for is 1 of two gay couples who try to win the big wedding.

    I have to say that i would prefer voting for a gay couple :)

  9. Brownian, OM says

    Y’know, it’s not so much PZ commanding “his” hordes; it’s more that he’s the scouting hornet who marks a tempting target with pheromones. Bzzz bzzz, snip snip.

    Oh, no! Everyone be vigilant for Japanese honeybees forming a ball around PZ!

  10. OurDeadSelves says

    Awe! That’s so sweet!

    Mr. ODS and I were married in a(n albeit small) science museum and I’m still hearing from friends and relatives that it was the most fun that they’ve had at a wedding in years.

    You wanna go poke at the life-sized model of Charles Steinmetz? Go for it. Play on the electricity producing treadmill? Only if there’s no drink in your hand. And all while wearing fancy pants!

    (We also had a planetarium show that got mixed reviews. The show itself was awesome, but to have it 2 hours after the bar opened was a mistake.)

  11. Goheels says

    I voted. Someday, I want to get married to a geeky godless man in a science museum too.

    I’m sure theres one or two of those here on Pharyngula ;-).

  12. CalGeorge says

    My dream day would not involve going to work!

    “We’d wake up in a beautiful San Francisco apartment by way of Philippe’s purring, and get ready in our individual bathrooms and walk-in closets. We’d eat our cereal and drink our apple juice and tea at the breakfast table before scooting off on our Vespas to important advertising jobs that we adore. After work we’d meet at our favorite neighborhood restaurant for wine and a romantic dinner with crème brule for dessert. The day would conclude with some snuggle time on the couch catching up on our favorite DVRed shows – preferably the newest episode of LOST.”


    I can’t bring myself to vote for anyone. That site is too depressing, full of yuppies who love to watch T.V. and go for coffee!

  13. Peter H says

    Contest schmontest.

    I voted for them because the young lady’s statement about what was important to her (her grandparents) was clear, honest and meaningful. Love for one another there ain’t nothin’ what’s more important than!

  14. DagoRed says

    At first read (it was more of a scan) — when I first read their perfect day description and it mentioned waking up to a “cat Crystal” my WOO meter nearly exploded and thought PZ must be nuts…then I realized their cat, whose name is Crystal, was in fact a real feline and not some stupid rock with magical powers….

  15. Haley says

    @ DagoRed

    As an amateur rock enthusiast, the woosters’ monopoly on the word crystal makes me sad. I love gems, and especially the light refracting properties of clear crystals (rainbows! yay!) so my room has tons of them hanging in windows, and unpolished specimens line the bookshelves and serve as doorstops. I get mistaken for a new ager all the time.

  16. ajaypalster says

    Not enthusiastic about group identities but if I can help someone with just a few minutes of registering and voting, then why not?

  17. bulletproofcourier says

    In the interest of accurate data, I was not willing to create an account to vote.

  18. broboxley says

    godless affair at the Boston Museum of Science, well that will probably be as exciting as the free wedding being given away at the walmart garden center in New Iberia Louisiana. Different version of godless though