1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    It reminds me of something, I can’t quite recall what

    The ass-crack you promised not to show.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, OM says

    Better late than never. Looks like you need to queue up a lot of daily posts, since there is almost one theme thread per day, before you get on the jet plane.

  3. nejishiki says

    I couldn’t figure out what it looks like, so I sent the link to my girlfriend. She said she wasn’t surprised I couldn’t figure it out.

    Still learning (female anatomy),

  4. egaeus says


    I’m not sure that I’d tell that on myself, but thanks for the laugh anyway.

    Apparently your girlfriend is patient since she’s still with you. Perhaps you might suggest that she be more instructive and teach you how to rock the man in the canoe?

  5. NixNoctua says

    Ah, PZ. You and your botanical wednesdays. Isn’t it funny how many things can remind people of, erm, certain things? You’ll never run out of material!

  6. says

    “It reminds me of something, I can’t quite recall what”

    Poor Trophy Wife…..

  7. Nick says

    Coincidentally, there is a species of plant called Clitoria.
    And yes, it is named because of the resemblance.

  8. AmyAmyAmy says

    This isn’t my line, but: “really, how hard is it to find ‘FRONT and CENTER’?” :) I love the pic!

  9. WowbaggerOM says

    You mean it isn’t a person in some kind of reptile costume peering out between the curtains in a theatre?

    Wow, it really has been too long…

  10. alexrkr7 says

    Just seeing it made me think of the clitoris, which initially made me ashamed about being so immature. But after seeing that PZ also thought the same, it lead me to the only logical conclusion… that both PZ and myself are fantastic lovers. Go us!

  11. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Made me think of a eudicot male gametophyte. Am I missing something here?


  12. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    Salix caprea is also called pussy willow. I always wondered where this strange nickname originated.

  13. Cath the Canberra Cook says

    @ atomjack: Stranger in a Starage Land was very educational, when I was a young teen…

  14. Day says

    I thought I had such a dirty mind, until I read the comments, sometimes I guess it really does look like, what your first impression tells you it looks like :D

  15. thedarwinreport says

    It’s clearly a giraffe sticking its nose through a window decorated with ugly red curtains. Must be a Las Vegas safari-styled hotel. Well, I’m never staying there.

  16. Rorschach says

    Doesnt it normally have a hood behind which to hide, so girls can accuse guys of being clueless?

  17. Louis says

    {ahem} It looks like a lady’s clematis to me. Very important to find the clematis, especially if you wish to engage in cumulonimbus.*


    *Less important if the lady wishes to engage in horatio, but still polite to acknowledge its existence.

  18. daveau says

    Man. That’s almost NSFW. I like how the Wednesday Botanical is always suggestive. Appeals to the juvenile aspects of my personality.

  19. SaraJ says

    Strangely I didn’t even notice the resemblance to my own lady bits until I started reading the comments, and then I went “Oh yeah!”… huh. Weird. Well, at least I can honestly that if it was even remotely phallic I would see it in a heartbeat.

  20. David Marjanović says

    I always wondered where this strange nickname originated.

    From the furballs (catkins) that are its blossoms.

  21. Brownian, OM says

    It’s a clitoris? Almost found one once…

    When I was a younger man I hypothesized that it existed only in myth, like the snipe, as a ploy to get girls’ boyfriends to take their time and look around a little down there.

    Now I see I have been wrong all these years. Are they always so grainy like that? I’d heard of women’s parts being compared to flowers, petals, and all that, but I thought those were just colourful metaphors.

  22. Merridol says

    I never can quite stifle the giggles when people give each other flowers. I mean, really, severed genitalia? I’m with Antiochus, and loving the addition of botanical Wednesdays.

  23. DLC says

    I can’t decide between Louis @32 or suckingicecubes @ 29 – Tie for threat winner.

    She has a little soldier, in his little trench.
    surrounded by foliage, that isn’t very dense.

    (proof positive that I am not cuttlefish)