1. Kamaka says

    WTF? Where is that kind of funny in these parts?

    Oh, yah, that’s right, the US is the land of humorless Puritans.

    Carry on.

  2. LaTomate says

    Looks like a spoof of this short yet wonderful fake ad from early 90s France:

    Ah, Les Nuls… always amazing.

    There’s also this pearl from the same period by “Les Inconnus”: Jesus II, the Return – and he’s pissed off!!

  3. Die Anyway says

    Well durn. I’m going to miss the stigmata. Or as I tell my wife when I head out for (mis)adventure… If I’m not bleeding, I’m not having fun.

    Die Anyway
    “Go full hog and accept the consequences.”

  4. Kemist says


    This is from the same period from Quebec (if you can understand :)

    Super Jésus

    Jesus is called in God’s office because he has trouble facing the competition, and he has to change his image. So he becomes sort of a super hero, and opens Super Jésus BBQ chicken.

  5. Holytape says

    The Crucifixion always seemed a little off to me. You would think that a carpenter would be able to coup with getting nailed to a piece of wood. Especially when the carpenter supposedly was an omnipotent god.

    Sasquatch Jesus

  6. dae says

    At 0.10 secs into the video, there’s a shot of 3 nails on the cross-beam. I sincerely hope the video doesn’t lend support to the doctrinal error Of triclavianism

  7. Hover says

    If Jesus came to Earth today
    They’d crucify him straight away
    Upon a cross of MDF
    And they’d use No Need For Nails

    “Upon Westminster Bridge”
    – Half Man Half Biscuit

  8. LaTomate says


    Merci :) that’s quite funny :p

    I can understand Quebecois, even though it’s quite convoluted sometimes, couliss!


  9. Punk'd by Entropy says

    Affix applicator perpendicular to palm of hand and drive in with 3lb mallet……..”hey, this shite works!

  10. Sili says

    Isn’t it good to see the Romans and Jews building bridges and coming together in an equal opportunity execution? Crucifixion and stoning! Mooney will be so proud.

  11. TimKO,,.,, says

    Bit anachronistic to call them xtians but still funny.

    Next time one of you aussies asks what it’s like in the puritan US, I’ll point you here. If this aired in the US it would be bigger than nipple-gate. Congressman would lose office, national guard called-in, FCC would fine the network, etc.

  12. says

    Does it work equally well for gluing creationists mouths shut?

    If so, I’ll take a case.