1. iasasai says

    Mmmm, chocolatey mitooooossiiss….

    But I’m with sqlrob – those petri dish cookies were WAY cooler!
    Don’t let me fool you into thinking I wouldn’t eat both…

    (One day, after only the dust of a ruined civilization is left, the ellipsis will peek its head out and begin taking over…)

  2. Mystyk says

    I remember seeing this a few months ago through a link from Isis’s blog. There’s a great one of different types of clouds represented as cream in coffee.

  3. eddie says

    I remember reading about regular donuts being a visual metaphor for a cyclical cosmology, but now I see they are really about gastrulation.

  4. myao says

    I would imagine that there are a lot of delicious hydrocarbons without double bonds in their carbon skeleton in those mitosis-y treats… Yum! :)

  5. Janet Holmes says

    Thanks for the link, those pics are amazing! How the hell did he do the carpet ‘milk drop’? Is it all just photo-shopped?

    Don’t dis the ellipsis … I loooove the ellipsis … the full-stop is so … sudden.

  6. Miki Z says

    My guess is that the carpet milk drop is an honest photo where the supports for the drops are hidden behind the drops by perspective. A nice example of using perspective to photograph physical impossibilities is shown at where you can see Escher’s “Ascending and Descending” done in Legos.