1. Glen Davidson says

    Even they spell your name “Meyers”? Better than “Simmonds” for, I presume, “Simmons” on a related video, though.

    I wish I could read the slides, but it seems that few Youtube videos manage that. OK, the countries’ acceptance of evolutionary theory did get a readable zoom in.

    Good point about the IDiots, who manage the opposite of “Discovery,” by not even knowing how old the earth is.

    Glen D

  2. AdamK says

    I wish some compentent video producer would carefully film and edit some Myers lectures, with readable slides and understandable audio.

    Or maybe I should just try to attend one live some day.

  3. daveau says

    Or maybe I should just try to attend one live some day.

    Yeah, what he said. It seems that PZ spends all his time in the big cities like Fargo & Minot. There are many of us out in the boonies who would like to attend a lecture, too. But I’m sure he’s never even heard of my little village, Chicago.

  4. Anon says

    The youtube video is pretty much inaudible, and I really was looking forward to another of your lectures.

    @ AdamK

    There’s a youtube channel with at least one of PZ’s lectures properly videod: HamboneProductions, he recorded the entire AAI’09 meeting.

  5. Strangelove says

    Alas I would love to watch but I’m not sure I can put up with the quality of recording.
    Anyone have a transcript?

    Oneday I shall see you talk live…
    *adds to list of things to do in life time*

  6. llewelly says

    The sound is awful. The first time through I could only pick out a few words. The second time through I was able to understand most of it, but only because I have listened to a good many lectures and read a great many articles on this topic.

    The camera is forever focused on something not in view. No point in watching it, since most of the slides are unreadable.

    I guess getting a good video is a lot harder than whipping out your cell phone and holding it up in the air.

  7. GregB says

    I’m impressed by how kind you were to teh creationist who were spouting their typical ignorance.

    For those who didn’t make it to the question portion:

    1) You’re pre-supposing that God doesn’t exist.

    No, we’re looking at facts and evidence and nothing in those facts or in that evidence requires a God. More importantly, everything in that evidece shows that species change over time via the mechanism of evolution. No evidence showing a case for creationism exist.

    It’s the creationist that are making the pre-suppositions.

    2) Creationist are looking at the same facts but we’re just coming up with a different conclusion.

    No, the creationist are ignoring vast amounts of evidence to support thier pre-suppositions.

    3) The sun is shrinking too quickly for it to be millions of years old.

    No, you’re wrong. And here is a physicist in this very room who will explain to you why your are wrong.

    4) Fossilization occurs quickly. Mt St. Hellens if proof.

    No, Mt. St. Helens has shown that there are process similar to fossilization, but that fossilization and true fossilization are easily distinguishable.

    5) You say fossils are millions of years old because they’re buried in rocks that are radiometricly dated to be millions of years old. That’s circular logic?

    WTF? What’s circular about it?

    6) You’re mean.

    But I’ve listened to everything you’ve said and responded to everything you’ve asked. But you can’t seem to understand that I’ve refuted absolutly everything you’ve said. So I am correct in calling you ignorant.

  8. B166ER says

    I’m going to try and slog through bad audio/video for the interesting subject matter. P.Z., you should try and fit it into your schedule to do an event back here in the Pacific Northwest. We could really use the dose of reality after the constant ravings of Christian Evangelicals on one side and New Age Homeopathic Crystal Healers on the other. Along with confronting the kooks, you could go out to the Olympic Peninsula and see the the Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis). They’re endangered, you know! XD
    P.S. but seriously P.Z. please come to this neck of the woods soon, you would make my entire family VERY happy.

    No Gods, No Masters

  9. says

    Any transcript would be greatly appreciated.
    The audio is completely inaudible.

  10. Dutch Delight says

    Some of the questions are truly inane.

    Would you believe the guy actually whined that his argument about the sun was supported by a chinese astronomer, who’s not even a christian!

    Well, that makes all the sense in the world then, we should definitely just bow down to our chinese astronomer overlord now. Who needs consensus or peer review anyway.

    I’m getting the distinct impression that we’re dealing with people who have never learned anything worth knowing about the reality they inhabit. There’s just no way I can understand why someone would choose to make an argument about the sun, acknowledge ignorance about the subject, refer to authority of some guy who said something, and then just pretend that the best answer is suddenly up for grabs and completely arbitrary. srsly WTF!?

    I know an Iraqi astronomer who has determined that the earth is not really a sphere. It’s actually impossible for it to be so. It’s right there on friggin’ youtube.

    Now everybody has to accept that nobody really knows whether the planet is a sphere or not. It all just depends on your presuppositions.

  11. says

    Hey PZ,

    give your lecture notes and slides to Qualiasoup on youTube and ask him if he would make one of his tight videos out of it.