A fair and balanced poll?

A story on NPR reports that there’s a bit of a tiff between the White House and Fox News: spokespersons for the administration and media have basically stated that Fox is a conservative propaganda outlet, deeply hurting Fox’s dewicate widdle feewings. And they have a poll! It looks like the right-wingers have already poisoned it for us, because no one in their right mind would actually deny that Fox is unfair and unbalanced in its reporting.

I’m supporting:

The White House on this one; Fox News isn’t “fair and balanced.” 14% (3,973 votes)
Fox News on this one; it asks questions others don’t and the White House should be able to handle them. 83% (23,544 votes)
Neither side. They’re both trying to play this “feud” to their advantage. 3% (850 votes)

Those are big numbers, so it’ll be a tough haul to compete…have fun trying, anyway!