A salvo in the War on Christmas

You’ve got a whole 66 shopping days until Christmas, but as you all know, the War on Christmas is fought all year ’round. I’m already getting email from people who have started their Christmas shopping (I hate you all) and who toys and games to educate and introduce kids to science and learning (OK, you’re forgiven.) This is a tough call, especially if you want something to do with evolution — it has been deemed ‘controversial’, you know, so there has been a kind of de facto self-censorship going on among those manufacturers who want our money, but want Christian money just as bad.

One suggestion I’ve been sending to parents of young kids is to check out Charlie’s Playhouse, a place that specializes in evolution toys and games.

Notice that my cunning plan to undermine Christmas is to encourage secular people to celebrate it…bwahahahahahaaa!