I’m not ignoring my own backyard!

What with all my flitting about, I got a few questions about whether I was ever planning to do any talks here in Minnesota. Yes! Yes, I am!

On Monday, 16 November, I’m going to be doing a debate. I hate debates, but I’ve been dragged into this one. It’s being promoted by the local creationist loons and CASH, and I’d like to see a good turnout from the sensible, scientific, godless community. I’ll be arguing with a loud clown, Jerry Bergman, on “Should Intelligent Design Be Taught in the Schools?” I think you can guess which side I’m going to be on.

On Thursday, 3 December, I’ll be back on the Twin Cities campus to give a public lecture, again sponsored by CASH, on development, neuroscience, and evolution. It will be all science, so the creationist kooks have no part in this one.

Oh, and there will be a few non-local events in November, too. I’m giving the keynote at the IGERT symposium in Bloomington, Indiana. This isn’t a public lecture, I’m afraid — it’s part of an evo-devo meeting. If you want to register, don’t do it for me — I’m most looking forward to hearing my grad school advisor, Chuck Kimmel, tell us what he’s been up to, and there are a whole series of enticing talks planned.

And don’t forget Skepticon II! I’ll be at Missouri State University, 20-22 November.

That’s it for my Fall travel plans — I’m mainly going to be home, working. Then I erupt into a whirlwind tour of the planet in the spring.