AAI: Atheists are very nice people

They also enjoy a little something to drink.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover a bottle of OriginAle: Darwinian IPA and an imperial stout, Gudeløs, waiting for me when I checked in. The Danish contingent wants me to come out to their big meeting in June in Copenhagen…I am so there. Bribes were completely redundant.

The RDF is also giving the speakers bottles of merlot, nicely personalized with etching. Now I have to decide whether to drink it or save it…ah, I think I’ll drink it and save the bottle.


In the non-drinkable category (really! That’s not what we’re all about, and I haven’t seen a single drunk atheist this whole weekend!), the pleasantly surly people at Surly-Ramics gave me this lovely necklace with a familiar motif.

Thanks everyone!