Richard Dawkins says we’re descended from FROGS!

Well, no, actually, he didn’t. But once again, he’s going to get misquoted by every creationist on the planet, thanks to Newsweek. They have an article about him and his book, and in a nice bold pull quote, here’s what they claim:


Hey, frogs are highly derived amphibians; we certainly aren’t descended from them. Monkeys are closer to us than frogs, but they’re still cousins, not grandparents. Not only does that quote look silly to a creationist, it looks ridiculous to a scientist.

So what did Dawkins actually say? Why, that the whole simplistic imaginary chains of descent that creationists invent are wrong.

The silliest of all these “missing link” challenges are the following…”If people came from monkeys via frogs and fish, then why does the fossil record not contain a ‘fronkey’?”

If you ever wonder why scientists distrust the media, this is a nice clear example.