Dawkins’ book is for fence-sitters AND non-fence-sitters!

The latest online edition of Seed Magazine (you all know it’s gone to an all-digital format, right? You should be reading it regularly) has an interview with Richard Dawkins on his new book — it focuses on the potential for the new book to persuade people to accept the idea of evolution.

I think it does a good job of that, too. They asked me to write a little commentary on the book, and I think it has even wider possibilities. It’s so readable and clear, I want some of those die-hard creationist fanatics to read it. Really read it, and understand it. I don’t expect them to be converted at all — they’ve drunk too much kool-aid to be cured — but jebus, I’d like to see some challenging arguments from the creationist camp, rather than these rehashed exercises in idiocy they always drag out. If they want to argue against evolution, that’s fine…but please, argue against evolution, not these freakish fever dreams of crocoducks and linearity and Hitler in a lab coat.

PZ Myers

Also…they’ve made me an icon! I wish I were that good looking.