Ken Ham, on the air, LYING again

Man, he is annoying. He is making a number of assertions about the age of the earth that are patently ridiculous: he claims 90% of all dating methods contradict the idea that the earth is millions of years old. This is simply not true. The key point in acceptance of the age of the earth is the concordance of the many methods.

When a caller asked him to name a few, he really couldn’t. He mentioned the hoary old creationist assertion that the amount of salt in the ocean is inadequate to match a 4 billion year old earth — but salt levels are in a roughly steady state.

I tried to call in to do one simple thing: to recommend the book Bones,Rocks, and Stars by Chris Turney, which would correct his many lies. Unfortunately, the phone lines are locked up solid — you guys are all calling in, aren’t you?

I got through! What a waste — he simply denied the evidence that salt levels are in a roughly steady state, and then to my vast amusement, tossed in his strongest argument: PZ Myers is an atheist. Can you say ad hominem, boys and girls? I tried to explain to him that the dating methods used are independent of religion, that both credible Christian geologists and physicists as well as Jewish, atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever scientists have reached a consensus on this, but he just talked over me and claimed that those Christians have all compromised their faith. They are, apparently, not True Christians™.

Clearly, being an atheist does not discredit our opinions…but Fundamentalist Christians will so readily lie for Jesus that it does call their honesty into question.

Lisle is playing his word games again. Note: his book is titled “The Ultimate Proof of Creation”. He hasn’t even offered any evidence for creationism.

Very good question at the end: a caller asked, if the evidence is in support of creationism, why can’t they make an argument using just the science, leaving the Bible out of it? Lisle ducked it. He claims it’s a battle of worldviews, not just science — he’s basically conceding that he can’t do it.