I get email

Sometimes I get nice invitations.

My name is Nikki and I am a christian. I am 15 and very involved in my youth group and last week we were on a mission trip in kentucky. We went to the creation museum a few days before you did. I was looking for the museum’s website when i somehow found an article about you and your visit.. After looking at your blog i have come to the conclusion that nothing anyone says will change your mind on how you believe things work and about god.. Though being the gutsy girl i am, i am asking you to give me a chance and have a conversation with me about god and creation. I dont want to try to change your mind(because i know thats impossible) or anything, i just want to try to understand atheists opinions. I know you are busy being a professor and such, but i would really appreciate a response.

I’m not really interested in an email conversation, so instead I’ve sent her a reply with a link to this post right here, and a suggestion that she carry on a discussion with a whole group of atheists and agnostics and even a few of the Christians who hang out here.

If she shows up, try to be nice, and please…let’s avoid Prince references.