I get email followups

Do you recall this incoherent tale of incest and racism I got a while back? Like almost 4 months ago? Well, the fellow seems to have just now discovered that we were laughing at him, and has sent me his rebuttal. It’s only fair that I post it for you now.

There are people that are well educated and very smart. But they just don’t have any common sense.
If God wanted Adam and Eve to have sex and create then there was absolutely no reason to create
the Garden of Eden. He would have given them the power to have sex and create like he did the
animals. That’s why he created the Garden of Eden. That was their home for eternity. And Adam and
Eve would not destroy the Garden of Eden and the animals would never destroy the earth. That makes
sense to me. If it doesn’t make sense to you and the rest of those idiots that commented on my story
then you and the rest of them are the ones that need help. Open your eyes and see the truth. Your simply
going to over populate one day in the future. So stop creating and tell your inbred children not to
create when they grow up. If you don’t then it will be your inbred generations that suffer it won’t be mine.

Did that make sense to you? It didn’t make sense to me. Obviously, I must be the one with the problem.