Funny poll

This one is already going our way — and when you see the question, you’ll understand why — but if you would like to give it a little boost, please do.

Who makes for funnier comedians, atheists or believers?

Atheists — To fully appreciate the absurdity of life you have to accept the absurdity of a god. 68%
Believers — Hilarity is part of God’s plan 32%

They’ve got examples and clips at that link, and it’s no contest.

Who have the godless got? George Carlin, Ricky Gervais, and Eddie Izzard. You could stop the contest right there.

Who have the godly got? Dane Cook. I’ve never been able to stand him, and this is the first I’ve heard that he’s a Christian (I had no idea that Noxious Frat Boy was a sect in that religion!). Steve Harvey. Some gomer named Mark Lowry I’d never heard of before, but if you watch his awful clip, you’ll understand why. OK, they do have Stephen Colbert, but what makes him funny is that his schtick mocks the religious.

There are a few funny believers, but they just look stupid when they bring religion into their routines, so the good ones don’t. The atheist comedians simply have the huge advantage of being able to tap into the absurdity of belief.