Hovind summary at WorldNutDaily

I never thought I’d say this, but WND has a reasonable article on Kent Hovind’s legal troubles. It just recites the facts of the case, although I suspect they somehow expect their readership to view it through their Jesus glasses and see it as an indictment of the government. Still, the illogic of the Hovind position shines through.

Hovind’s son, Eric, asserts his parents and the ministry he now heads are not scofflaws.

“My father says very clearly, if you owe a tax, by law, you should pay it,” he told WND. “We are not tax protesters.”

In 1996, Kent Hovind tried to file for bankruptcy to avoid paying federal income taxes. He told a judge at a hearing he did not believe the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Attorney’s Office “have jurisdiction in this matter.”

“I sincerely believe that I am not a person required to file a Federal Income Tax Return,” he said. “This belief is a result of extensive research that I have done.”

I see. He thinks people should pay taxes if they owe them. He just thinks he has a special exemption and doesn’t owe them. Right.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t address the most important question burning in everyone’s minds: will PZ Myers win that iPod Touch?