Double reminder

I know it hurts, it hurts so bad, but I have to ask you again to keep clicking to help me win that iPod Touch from Eric Hovind. It’s only a little pain, after a few clicks you’ll be numb.

But that reminder also reminds me that I’ll be judging a video contest after 1 June — you only have one more month to put together an entry to explain evolution in two minutes or less. Eric Hovind is welcome to enter — a little comedy relief is always nice — but I think his videos are more of an anti-inspiration. Put him to shame with some substance! Look at his shoddy work and resolve to show the world how it is realy done!

Say…wouldn’t it be handy if I had an iPod Touch I could fill with the contest entries?


  1. LtStorm says

    I didn’t notice before that there’s more than one of those “Creation Minute” videos. I just watched the “Nothing + Time = Everything” one, and would just like to say;


    Thank you.

  2. William says

    Abiogenesis, this one. Apparently “evolutionists” are going around expounding on early-universe cosmology, so naturally Eric has to be an expert in physics as well as biology.

  3. okforyou says

    I’ve recanted from not going into mind hell, just so you have a shot at annoying a Hovind. The things I do….

    Now where did I put my migraine pills?

  4. douq says

    Do you think someone like Hovind would run an honest poll, bye-bye to server logs when you show up in the top? You’ll need another place to win that iPod. But it’s fun to irritate him anyway with votes for you.

  5. Professor Peewee says

    Hey! last time I watched that whole damn thing, and when it was over the screen filled up with a whole bunch more videos to choose from…most of which didn’t have anything to do with creationism, and some of which had some attractive young women in…interesting costumes. I didn’t understand the connection…but it made clicking over there more fun… Now it’s just more creation crap…

  6. Mike Heisenberg says

    I like how “Nothing”²+”Time”², using the Uncertainty Principle indeed spawns a hell lot of stuff.

  7. marcus says

    Oh the stupid it burns! It buuurrrnnns!!!!! My eyes! My eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  8. says

    Evolution Formula
    Evolutionists are forced to believe that nothing + time = everything.

    Yeah PZ, that did hurt a lot, and I’m not even a biologist, just someone with half a brain.

  9. Bride of Shrek OM says

    When does this bloody competition finish? I can’t find it mentioned anywhere on the site.

    Maybe it just automatically ends when the rapture happens.

  10. rumleech says

    I’ve been doing it for you PZ but I have to tell you, my web browser cache feels soooo dirty.

  11. Ty Bowen says

    Luckily my iPhone doesn’t have flash capabilities so I can go help without being exposed to the inanity

  12. 2-D Man says

    Did you see the size of those planets in the “Hovind’s brain Nothing + Time = Everything” video? They were bigger than all the stars! Eric Hovind apparently thinks neutron stars are the only stars.

  13. Shel says

    Can’t someone write a Perl script to virtually click the URL a couple of thousand times so we can all save ourselves the nonsense and repetitive strain injury?

  14. MDMX says

    He gots a microscope and beakers, it gots to be science!!!!

    Home schoolers can now cover all science in a “creation minute”

  15. MDMX says

    He gots a microscope and beakers, it gots to be science!!!!

    Home schoolers can now cover the entire science curriculum in a “creation minute.”

  16. Qwerty says

    I clicked again, but I avoided watching the insipid video again. I also think Eric wants you to win in some perverse way. Remember, be careful what you wish for; it might come true.

  17. foxfire says

    Darn it PZ; sometimes you just ask too much! I bookmarked it in my firefox bookmark toolbar so I wouldn’t forget but it’s just sooo *icky*

    OK, I moved it next to my webmail icon….

  18. anthonzi says

    I love his interpretation of cosmology in the first episode! LOL. GODDIDIT GODDIDIT GODDIDIT

  19. Nikolaos says

    That’s the fourth time I clicked, but the first I watched the “minute”. Do we HAVE to watch it in order for our visit to count? (I have no degrees apart from highschool, but the video is bad even for me).

  20. Lilly de Lure says

    The things I do for you PZ!

    You’d better put something really good on that wretched device after all this!

  21. says

    Lobbed off about 50 clicks. Then had a quickie phone therapy session, but still not ready to lob off another 50. Think I need a longer therapy session.

  22. skat1140 says

    It’s only a little pain, after a few clicks you’ll be numb.

    lol. i watched the creation minute, and it did cause me pain. PZ, if you’re reading this right now, come closer:
    [from “Saving Private Ryan”]
    Earn this…
    Earn it!

  23. Pierce R. Butler says

    C’mon now, if was really scientifical, they’d have a poll!

    I want my brain cells back – Hovind isn’t going to use ’em.

  24. says

    Two minutes? I’ll explain evolution in two sentences.

    1. Mistakes happen.

    2. Sometimes the mistake works better than the right answer.

    Everything else is just details.