1. Richard Harris says

    Jumpin’ Jeezus! It’s beginning to look like there aren’t any free-thinkers in Alabama.

  2. Tark says

    There are a few things to have faith in Richard. One of such is that when the freethinkers achieve focus (amid the distractions of bacon and music and lambasting of the fools… see other thread) they will properly mass like neurons do and ignite some new consciousness.

    Sometimes one must be patient though. Enjoy the music while you (Tom) Waits.

    Tax Religion. Spread the bacon.

  3. says

    I’m trying to start a martial arts study group and paintball team only for free-thinkers in the East Chicago/Gary area. Click on my name for more info.

  4. Sheridan says

    I’m glad to hear groups are looking to grow in Alabama and Mississippi. Pharyngula gets an incredible amount of traffic from all over the world; hopefully readers from your locale will get the word and contact you!

  5. Patricia, OM says

    Optimus Primate – I’m guessing you might be a Transformers fan. Here’s a bus ad for atheist Transformers fans by Roger Scruton –

    There’s probably no unicorn. So stop worrying, Transform, and roll out.

  6. Cthulhu's minion says

    Living only a couple hours from Montgomery, I can say that open atheists there are truthfully in danger not just of losing jobs but of violence, even more so than gays.

  7. says

    Very big thanks for the mention, PZ. We’ve already started getting members from this mention. I helped start this group three months ago, but advertising has been an issue, so any mention we can get is a big help.

  8. Cathy says

    YAY! Great to see that rational people in Alabama actually exist. I live in Tuscaloosa, and I have yet to come by a non-Christian off campus (and even on campus we’re few and far between).