1. c-law says

    “He waits and dreams in the deep, and one day the cities of man shall fall before him!”

  2. Anne Hedonia says

    It is simply exhibiting natrual behaviour. To anthropomorphise this creature serves no purpose and is an example of why emotion is redundant and must be removed to further human evolution.

  3. Kate says


    Why thank you! I hadn’t had coffee yet, and all I wanted to do was crawl into that pic and curl up with the little cutie for a nap! (Once I’d put on some diving gear and a rebreather, that is.)

  4. says



    Dead but dreaming, in the ancient sands of the deep sea.

    And if you get too close, up for a midnight snack from the easily opened fridge of your cranium.

  5. SEF says

    Are its tentacles stuffed into the sand to anchor it, or is it up to something nefarious down there …

  6. KI says

    Anne Hedonia, I have noticed many spelling errors in your posts, you should return to Processing Central to have your nanoprobes restored to proper working order. Perfection is the goal. The rest of you will be assimilated shortly, resistance is futile.

  7. SEF says

    Bagpuss was apparently intended to be orange striped, but he came back from the dyers pink instead and the programme makers just went with it.

  8. says

    My reading of Pharyngula motivated me to mention cephalopods in my most recent blog post… so PZ Myers has accomplished something in educating the world about the wonders of the squishy sea creatures. Does anyone know of any good references on the nervous system of cephalopods?

  9. SASnSA says

    Wait, don’t most octopi change color to orange when they’re aggravated? (as opposed to matching surrounding colors normally)

  10. Dave The Drummer says

    This is the first cute octopus I’ve seen. It almost looks furry because of the image compression artifacts. Wow.

  11. Sili says

    Are its tentacles stuffed into the sand to anchor it, or is it up to something nefarious down there …

    I think he’s just dropped his keys.

  12. D'oh! says

    ‘ki’ your use of humour displays a flawed reliance upon emotion.

    Maybe, but I found it to be funny.

    On the other hand, your attempts to skewer what you imagine to be the atheist’s disdain for emotion miss their target entirely.

  13. says

    If only our life was so serene.

    One of the reasons I am a certified scuba diver. It is another world down there.

    Good picture for the week!

  14. Brownian says

    Is Anne Hedonian attempting an antiPoe? If so, she’d do well to remember Brownian’s Corollary to Poe’s Law: “A fundamentalist theist/creationist is generally incapable of producing a convincing parody of an atheist/evolutionist.”

    One needs to understand a thing before one can lampoon a thing. The naive lack of rigour which characterises the fundie and creationist positions makes them easily satirised, but by their very nature they render their victims unable to appreciate another’s way of thinking enough to replicate it.

  15. Eidolon says

    From another her posts on another thread, my hypothesis is that Anne is doing her Vulcan imitation.

  16. says

    In my opinion the largest threat for California are cataclysms and ecological catastrophes. Not important is how many money we have because one tragedy can us take all.

  17. astrounit says

    That image simply exudes serenity and comfort, well being and even cephalopod happiness.

    There ain’t a cushioned couch on Earth that can deliver anywhere near that level of physical tranquility to us bony landlubbers.

  18. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Many creationists admit ID is just creationism with the serial numbers filed off and an undefined “intelligent designer” used in place of Yahweh.