1. Michael X says

    How is anyone supposed to read black text on a dark blue background? I’m sure the blogger is great and all, but I’ll never be able to read that enjoyably.

  2. Pyrrhonic says

    O/T: Has anyone seen or heard of the documentary Constantine’s Sword? I just saw it at the rental place, and it looks good. Based on a book by the same name, it purports to trace the connections between Christianity and violence. There’s a nasty review of the book on the Catholic League website–perhaps more reason to watch?

  3. Lurkbot says

    Just checking out the new TypeKey name, and also as a Norwegian (well, half, anyway) allow me to apologize for us all.

  4. Lurkbot says

    Oh, sorry: I clicked on his blog and he’s a good guy. Never mind! The term “zombie” didn’t sound complimentary.

  5. FactsDontMatter says

    I read Constantine’s Sword about a year ago. It’s a great book once you get far enough into it to understand why the author is going on so much about his personal history. The guy *is* a practicing Catholic, but no longer a priest. But the book isn’t preaching religion. It’s about the corruption of history by human beings and how hatreds once fomented can be carried down for centuries, sometimes seeming to overrule basic humanity. Nazi Germany was the zenith of antisemitism; the author shows that its roots trace from early Christianity.

    I recommend the book if you have the time and tenacity to stick with it to the end. It is quite educational. I refer back to it from time to time.

  6. says

    It’s got good content, but I think it was very poorly written — the author has to tell you on every other page just how fervently Catholic he is. I got that message after the first 150 pages, which is about nothing other than his Catholic upbringing and his deep, deep faith and his love of Jesus and the Catholic church.

    Once you get past all that wailing and Catholic guilt, it’s pretty meaty stuff. If he’d left out the self-flagellation, it would have been half the length and even better.

  7. says

    Just to clarify, PZ’s comment references Constantine’s Sword. There is nothing Catholic about Norwegianity, unless you count the Pope bashing (which we lapsed Lutherans are quite good at).