Palin takes home one honor for her efforts

Late last year, the New Humanist podcast was taking nominations for their Bad Faith award, given to the most “deluded fantasist” of the year. It was my honor as one of the Americans on the roster to nominate our very own Sarah Palin.

Either I was extremely persuasive or my nominee was so patently fit for the award that none could oppose her. Sarah Palin wins! I am very pleased to say that it is the only thing she has won, and that it is well deserved.


  1. says

    I’m suprised that the Catholics’ Emperor Popatine didn’t make the top 9. Concidering all the other Catholics in the ranks, why not include their Führer?

  2. says

    A relative of a friend of mine watches Palin’s speeches over and over again, because they are so inspiring and well-spoken. This person cannot believe that other people can’t see her inspiring genius.

    There must be a psychiatric name for this affliction, another example of which is professing deity-belief ever more strongly the more you realize that it is koo koo*

    *Is that one word (cuckoo?) or two (koo koo?).

  3. Ginger Yellow says

    Seems to me that McCain was the delusional one for picking her and then doubling down on even her most idiotic statements/actions.

  4. Quidam says

    McCain was a secret mole for the Democrats. His only role was to win the nomination and then fail in a way such that he would appear to be trying while making the gut decisions the republicans feel show character.

  5. Qwerty says

    I am sure the Onion will have a story about how Obama plans to get rid of Palin as a potential opponent in the 2012 election. I can see the headline: US to Sell Alaska Back to Russia.

  6. Gondy says

    She also won Ms. Alaska!”

    WRONG! She came in second. The lady that won is singing for Barrack Obama twice during the inauguration ceremonies while Plain stays HOME.
    Talk about irony!

  7. Art says

    Win? … Hell, she is damn near overqualified. Pretty much set the curve.

    Might as well have done with it and hereafter call all spectacularly gratuitous and egregious displays of bad faith: ‘Pullin a Palin’.

  8. BobC says

    Off topic.

    We have a new president, a son of an atheist who was born in Africa.

    From today’s speech:

    We will restore science to its rightful place

    We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.

  9. eddie says

    I know it’s not exactly true that McCain didn’t pick her, but he was given the message that without her, the fundies wouldn’t work for GOP on the ground.

    Looking from his side, he had the choice of losing either way, but one way he gets to say it was their fault.


  10. says

    BobC, #14

    President Obama was born in the US.

    Being born in a foreign country would not make a difference because his mother was an American citizen, and living in American territory at the time of his conception. Which covers the ‘within 5 years’ requirement.

    The flubbing of the oath aint doin’ you no good neither; cuz us grownups are willing to give the bloke some slack.

    BTW, I split infinitives because I can.

  11. says

    (Might as well say something about the post itself.)


    Did you know that there have been times when you could walk to Russia from Alaska? Really cold, calm days on the Chukchi Sea true, but you could walk.

    You’ll hear from Palin again, and the next time she won’t be repressed by a bunch of no-clue, right-wing, control freak Democratic populists. You know, like Newt Gingrich or Ted “Does My Fat Ass Make My Fat Ass Look Big” Kennedy.

  12. LisaJ says

    WRONG! She came in second. The lady that won is singing for Barrack Obama twice during the inauguration ceremonies while Plain stays HOME.
    Talk about irony!

    OMG, really?! That is frigging hilarious, and the perfect definition of irony.

  13. apaeter says

    well, she was a sho(o/e)-in. :)

    @16: I thought #14 had meant that as a compliment, not an attack on The Big O. Anyway, congrats to all you ‘mericans on choosing the new guy and ditching the crazy lady.

  14. Greg says

    Just another sufferer of Palin Derangement Syndrome. Perhaps there should be an award for that.

  15. Pierce R. Butler says

    BobC @ # 14: We have a new president, a son of an atheist who was born in Africa.

    mythusmage @ # 16: President Obama was born in the US.

    It’s quite possible to read BobC’s statement as saying that President Obama(!)’s father was an atheist born in Africa.

    And I, fwliw, found Obama’s slip during the oath a tad reassuring, in that Mr. Ever-Cool actually must have been experiencing some nerves at his Big Moment.

  16. BobC says

    President Obama was born in the US.

    I said “We have a new president, a son of an atheist who was born in Africa.”

    Perhaps I’m not too good at speaking English. I meant Obama’s father was an atheist and Obama’s father was born in Africa. I have seen Obama’s birth certificate on the internet, so I know he was born in Hawaii. I also noticed Obama was born after Hawaii became a state.

  17. (No) Free Lunch says

    BTW, I split infinitives because I can.

    That’s why I never split infinitives when writing in Latin.

  18. Gary P Jackson says

    Am I to understand you guys are academics of some sort?

    If so, this explains just how harmful it is to waste good time and money attempting to educate a liberal! What a wasted effort!

    It’s obvious, from the so called writer, and some of the commenters, that this particular group of liberals is educated far beyond the limits of your intelligence.

    Had you done even a rudimentary background check on Governor Palin, who just happens to be one of the most successful Governors in the nation, you would have learned that while she has a strong personal belief in God, she has yet to try and force that on anyone, as a public official. And the woman has an almost 20 year record as an executive level public official.

    When your approval rating in a wildly independent state like Alaska hovers in the 90’s, that means you know how to work with everyone.

    But again, “educated liberals” (boy if there was ever an oxymoron!) just can’t be bothered with facts. They get in the way of a good hate and lie session.

    Governor Palin is in the drivers seat. She has united the conservative movement like absolutely no one since Ronald Reagan. In fact, even Reagan’s son compares her to his father, as do conservatives.

    We of course compare our new President, to Jimmy Carter. I never root against America. But looking at the ideas this guy is throwing out there, he has managed to take the very worst of FDR and Carter, and somehow mix that together without causing the earth to spontaneously combust!

    Just like Carter gave us 8 phenomenal years of Reagan, after two actual landslide victories, including Ronnie’s 49 state win in ’84, Mr Obama will give us 8 years of Sarah Palin.

    She’s one of only 3 Governors in America who has an FY2010 budget surplus. She’s strongly committed to have Alaska get 50 percent of it’s energy from renewable resources by 2025. Twice what the new President has asked. Of course, Alaska already gets 25 percent of it’s energy from renewables.

    Plus she just licensed TransCanada to build the natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48.

    Even educated liberals, (snort) should understand the significance of natural gas from Alaska. They are setting on 400 trillion cubic feet of recoverable NG. That’s actually larger than all of the world’s oil supplies.

    NG is the cleanest fuel you can use. Almost zero emissions. And while the democrat Congress along with the insane environmental lobby have bankrupted the car companies chasing nonsensical, pie in the sky, fantasies, that are nowhere near ready for prime time, every major can company make cars that run on compressed natural gas.

    Ford, GM and Chrysler make a couple of dozen cars, trucks and buses that run on CNG. In fact, have for decades!

    The US has NG everywhere. With minimal fuss, we could be energy independent, and have clean air as well. Of course, that wouldn’t suit the liberal agenda at all.

    The bottom line though, is this. While you folks drank the hopenchange Koolaid, and took on a guy with no accomplishment to speak of, and zero experience, you passed on someone with a large resume of personal and professional accomplishments, especially on energy.

    Again, being educated liberals, it never dawned on you to learn that the woman, before becoming Governor, ran the largest oil and gas regulatory commission of it’s kind in the country. As Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Govern Palin, completely restructured the way Alaska does business with Big Oil. Stood toe to toe with the big wigs and told them how it was gonna be.

    There’s a great book, written by Kay Cashman called “Sarah Takes On Big Oil” Tells you what you have. You can read excerpts at .

    What your education got in the way of learning, was the fact Palin is considered a true authority on energy. And if America ever needed one, now’s the time!

    In addition to being Governor, she is currently Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multi-state government agency that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment.

    Governor Palin is also the Chairman of the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources Committee, as voted in by the other 49 Governors.

    She’s a huge ethics reformer, as well. Totally took down her own party leadership over corruption, and good old boy deals with big oil.

    But, what the hell. President Obama can sure read a teleprompter well! And really, isn’t that the most important thing anyway?

  19. Chiroptera says

    Gary P Jackson, #25: Just like Carter gave us 8 phenomenal years of Reagan….

    Has anyone else realized that GWB’s main historical legacy will now be that we can no longer say that Reagan was the worst US President since WWII?

  20. Nerd of Redhead says

    Ahh, we have made someone upset because we have a better world view than he does. Tsk. When will they wake up and face the reality?(/rhetoric)

  21. davem says

    NG is the cleanest fuel you can use. Almost zero emissions.

    Cleanest fossil fuel? Yes. Almost zero emissions? Nope, not by a long way. …and of course, NG is a very potent greenhouse gas itself.

  22. KnockGoats says

    NG is the cleanest fuel you can use. Almost zero emissions. – Gary P. Jackson

    This ludicrous piece of crap assures me I needn’t bother to take anything you say seriously, you ignoramus.

  23. says

    And I, fwliw, found Obama’s slip during the oath a tad reassuring, in that Mr. Ever-Cool actually must have been experiencing some nerves at his Big Moment.

    Technically the slip up was the Chief Justice’s, not Obama’s.

    Not that it really matters.

  24. Wowbagger says

    I think the most hilarious part of Gary P Jackson’s post is that he seemed to think Palin was running for President, not Vice-President. Does the name John McCain mean anything to you?

    What was that about ‘educated liberals’ being an oxymoron, Gary?

  25. Chiroptera says

    Gary P Jackson, #25: When your approval rating in a wildly independent state like Alaska hovers in the 90’s, that means you know how to work with everyone.

    I’m also not sure who Mr. Jackson could be referring to here. It’s certainly not Ms. Palin.

    As the man said, I doubt there’s any reason to take much of his commentary seriously. Except, perhaps, as an indication of how deranged the American voter is. Despite Obama winning this election, America remains the nation that did re-elect GWB even after an entire first term of failures. (And even almost elected him in 2000, too!)

  26. says

    I thought Sarah had a 90% approval rating because she gave each Alaskan man, woman, and child thousands of dollars in tax refunds.

  27. Jadehawk says

    I thought Sarah had a 90% approval rating because she gave each Alaskan man, woman, and child thousands of dollars in tax refunds.

    true enough. alaska runs on windfall-taxes and pork, i.e. the two things McCain was supposedly against. rather ironic, that.

  28. John Phillips, FCD says

    Quidam, I have always had a sneaking suspicion, at one level at least, after seeing McCain’s display over the length of the campaign, that it was a deliberate act to get back at the GOP/Rove/et al for his previous humiliation at their hands by effectively wiping them out as a serious party, if only in the short term.

  29. says

    Chiroptera @ #32:

    To be fair to over half the US population, Dubya was technically appointed the first time around, and won by a hair’s breath second time around, with many calling shenangians.

  30. horrabin says

    Gary P Jackson comes to us from He patrols the internet making sure bloggers don’t misstate the sales position of Sarah Palin’s calendar on Amazon.

  31. peter says

    When your approval rating in a wildly independent state like Alaska hovers in the 90’s, that means you know how to work with everyone.

    Umm – no, Gary, it just means that Alaska is a lot stupider than we ever previously suspected – hence the nickname “Polar Alabama”.

  32. Anonymous says

    BRAVO, Gary P. However, I’m not sure that the author or most readers can understand your eloquence and intelligence. G

  33. Nerd of Redhead says

    What eloquence and intelligence? Other than the regular posters, I don’t see any.

  34. Wowbagger says

    BRAVO, Gary P. However, I’m not sure that the author or most readers can understand your eloquence and intelligence.

    Only if there new definitions for the terms ‘intelligent and eloquent’ which include a propensity for for outright lies, numerous unfounded assertions, eye-wateringly poor sentence construction and even poorer grammar.

  35. says

    Well, I’m glad that Gary thinks that Palin hasn’t done anything to force her belief on anyone. That means he knows that ‘spiritual warfare’ doesn’t work. That’s good, good job there!!! :)

    Palin’s lack of support of women’s rights is pushing her religion on others, because really there is only religious opposition to women’s rights.

  36. PoxyHowzes says

    WRT the original post —

    I demand an immediate poll-crash so we can make Sarah Palin win…

    Oh, wait a minute

  37. jim says

    #25 = comedy gold!

    Clean natural gas can join clean coal in his magic kingdom where skipping out on sales tax & income tax while hoovering up epic levels of federal pork means prosperity … & Palin is “an energy expert” who misstated her own state’s contribution to US oil reserves by about 1000% to make herself look good, & didn’t have twenty words in a row to say about energy during the entire campaign, unless someone else wrote them for her.

    An “ethics reformer” who was herself charged with ethics violations … then proved their merit by repeatedly lying about said charge, just like she lied over & over about saying “thanks but no thanks” to the Bridge To Nowhere? Oh, & I bet Alaskans just LOVE that she outsourced all those high-paying construction jobs for their pipeline to TransCanada, on account of how well it fits in with that whole “America First” thingy, you betcha!

    She’s a cinch for POTUS in 2012 – just as soon as her personal witch-doctor can work a hex on the Democrats – just like he implored God to bring down her opponents & put her in as VP.

  38. clinteas says

    @ 25,

    SIWOTI goes only so far….

    Like this from the award site:

    last year’s most scurrilous enemy of reason

    One does however fear that this wouldnt keep Americans from voting her into some position of power in 2012.

  39. raven says

    Palin is well on her way along The Bridge to Obscurity.

    1. Last thing I remember seeing was her doing voice over while workmen cut the heads off turkeys for thanksgiving.

    2. Her daughter’s shotgun wedding spouse was unemployed, losing his job because it required higher education. In Alaska that is a high school diploma which he doesn’t have.

    3. Her daughter’s mother in law was arrested for selling hard drugs, oxycontin, a synthetic opioid known as hillbilly heroin.

  40. j.t.delaney says

    Gary P. Jackson, thank you. Your spastic, seagull-style posting highlights the lunacy of the Paliban in a way that we Democrats cannot do on our own. Please, please, pleace keep doing it all over the interwebs. Run all over hell, typing long diatribes of indefensible bullshit, and then run away as fast as possible (“And the woman has an almost 20 year record as an executive level public official.” funny!) That way, people can enjoy the rich, bugfuck flavor of Palinism without the discomfort of actually having to have a discussion with a Palin supporter. This is pure awesomeness, and I think this will definitely get Sarah Palin elected as preznit of the internet in 2012, if not sooner. “t

    Rawk on,

    -J.T. Delaney

  41. David Marjanović, OM says

    I am sure the Onion will have a story about how Obama plans to get rid of Palin as a potential opponent in the 2012 election. I can see the headline: US to Sell Alaska Back to Russia.

    Most certainly not. It will have a story about how the Democratic Party will finance Palin’s Reptilian campaign, because Palin running for president in 2012 will mean that the Reptilian Party will die out.

    And, once again, The Onion will be right.


    Gary P Jackson, do you know that natural gas consists mostly of methane, which is a very strong greenhouse gas? And do you know that when you burn it, the outcome are water vapor and carbon dioxide, two other greenhouse gases? While I am at it, do you actually know anything at all?

  42. Alyson says

    That Gov. Pit-bull had an approval rating in the 90s means that the price of oil was high during her term as Governor.

    In fact, oil explains a lot of the Pit-bull’s madness. It’s easy enough for her to say that paying taxes isn’t patriotic, since her state levies about 89% of its tax revenue from oil companies and heaps millions of dollars more in federal pork. I’m not sure what she expects the rest of us, who don’t live in states with fossil fuel reserves to fund our activities, to do. She certainly can’t complain about our having to pay federal taxes, of course, since she’s been soaking up the pork to pay for the stuff that Alaska can’t afford after she hands out the fossil-fuel-funded welfare as hush money, and all that federal money didn’t come from Alaskans. It’s not in her interest for gas prices to fall, or else her state might have to start taxing its citizens just like most already do.

  43. Gary P Jackson says

    Said Chiroptera | January 20, 2009 4:43 PM

    Gary P Jackson, #25: Just like Carter gave us 8 phenomenal years of Reagan….

    Has anyone else realized that GWB’s main historical legacy will now be that we can no longer say that Reagan was the worst US President since WWII?


    How old are you? 12?

    Reagan is one of the greatest Presidents we’ve ever had. Thanks to him we embarked on the longest period of fiscal growth in history. Plus he defeated the Soviets without firing a shot!

    If he was the “worst” please explain how he beat Carter by winning 44 states, and then won re-election in 1984 by winning 49 states! It was the most lopsided victory in history!

    That’s one hell of a failure. I’d love to fail like that every single day of my life!

    It was Carter who screwed the pooch, horribly. He is universally known to be the worst POTUS ever.

    Carter collapsed the economy. We had double digit inflation, and double digit unemployment.

    Plus we had gasoline rationing, because, like every liberal alive, he opposed any type of energy development, and had no backbone when OPEC decided to hurt us.

    Let me tell you just how bad it was….The press actually created a “misery index” just to explain how bad Carter had screwed us.

    I mean car loans had 15-20 percent interest rates! Home loans were double digits!

    Carter’s advice on the energy rationing? Turn down the heat, and put on a sweater!

    Carter was lucky he was only defeated in 1980, and not lynched!

    Not only that, but by failing to back the Shah of Iran, Carter allowed the fundamentalist Islamic crazies to take over Iran, and basically started the entire mess over there.

    His silliness birthed Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah!

    Carter hid under his desk while 50 United States citizens were held and tortured in Iran for 444 days. He was as impotent as they could be.

    On the other hand, Reagan had already said that would not stand when he took over. At the very moment Reagan was being sworn into office, Iran let our people go. They hit international airspace just as Reagan went to the big luncheon, where he announced it to the roar of the crowds.

    But do you know Carters lasting legacy? The one he ought to be thrown in Prison for?

    The Community Re-investment Act is the gift that keeps on giving from that walking epic failure.

    You see, back in the old days, when liberals were not to run wild among us, if you wanted to buy a home, you went down to see your banker. If you had good credit, always paid your bills, and had the income, you got a loan. That’s how life works.

    Well minorities, who had been taught by liberals that they didn’t have to be all that responsible for themselves, called that “racist”.

    That’s right, it became racist to deny a loan to someone because they had shitty credit!

    Since many of these people tend to live in certain areas of town. When you looked at raw numbers, without the facts, liberals were able to make people think the evil old bankers were denying loans based on race. Never mind the fact that the people wanting the loans had demonstrated that they had a history of not repaying loans, and didn’t have the income to afford the homes. Of course, that’s racist too, evidently.

    Thanks to thug groups like Obama’s ACORN, this law destroyed our economy.

    You see Obama was an ACORN thug community organizer.

    You know what Obama did for ACORN?

    Well, when he wasn’t defending ACORN in voter fraud cases, he taught members how to be thugs.

    You see, Obama was one of many who taught minorities to show up in huge groups and take over bank lobbies demanding banks give loans to totally unqualified borrowers.

    Obama taught these thugs to show up at bank board meetings and disrupt and intimidate.

    Later on Obama had his thugs showing up at bankers HOMES! Scaring the crap out of them!

    Read the research Dr Stanley Kurtz, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Institute put together:,type.1/pub_list.asp

    Of course, this caused problems, but what really started the beginning of the end was Bill Clinton. Bill doubled down and ordered Fannie and Freddie to make MOST of their loans these shitty deals. Then he allowed the banks to package this pure trash as securities. Hence, the start of this economic crash.

    President Bush announced he was going to do something, but the democrats hollered racism, their favorite boogie man.

    Undaunted, all through the early 2000’s Republicans kept trying to stop the insanity. Of course, every time they did, the democrats trotted out the usual suspects to whine about how racist and mean the Republicans were because they wanted to stop forcing banks to make loans to people with horrible, or no credit.

    In fact, here’s some video, with the democrats, in their own words, telling you and me that all is well, and the republicans are just old meanies. Make damned sure you watch it:

    You’ll notice the name, Jamie Gerelick. This is the same “educated liberal” that used to be the deputy Attorney General under Clinton. She was responsible for the virtual wall, that prevented thew intelligence agencies to talk to each other, and DIRECTLY responsible for 9/11! Here set up led to the failure to connect the dots.

    This woman has TWO epic failures on her resume! I was certainly shocked that Obama didn’t give her a shot to fail with him too!

    The Community Re-investment Act is the prime example of what happens when you let “educated liberals” get anywhere NEAR elected office.

    Educated liberals love to endlessly social engineer. They’re chasing a fantasy world where we all are the same. We all have the same abilities, and the same outcome. That’s impossible.

    Their education, which FAR exceeds their intelligence, won’t let them understand that socialism and communism has failed miserably every time it has been tried. They are also so unintelligent that fail to realize they don’t raise anyone’s quality of life with their insanity.

    And that’s the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals just seek to “level the field” but their insane social experiments only lower the best and brightest to the level of the lowest common denominator.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, want everyone to reach the highest peaks possible. But we know that not everyone can. Government’s job is to get the hell out of the way and let the people succeed.

    Liberals want the power in their hands through government. They want everyone to depend on THEM.

    It’s unAmerican, and why we went to war with England in the first place!

    I suggest you, and others here go learn something, rather than bloviate unending about nothing.

  44. Gary P Jackson says

    Forgive me…I was mistaken, you’re not “educated liberals” you’re rather STUPID ordinary liberals. Of course stupid and liberal are basically redundant.

    And yes, I AM a member of Team


    I look for moronic sites like this to set the record straight on all of the lies.

    Liberals are only really good at two things, lying, and hatred. It’s easy to see just from reading the comments after mine that that’s all you have. You can’t come back and argue facts, so you attack me.

    Look, I know liberals are a lower life form than humans, but at least I bring an arm load of facts when I come to play.

    This is to no one particular, because none of you have a clue, but let’s see.

    First of all, YES, I know Palin was running for VP. But she was the vote getter for McCain. He would have gotten slaughtered without her. The only reason he was our nominee is because the stupid party allows open primaries in very blue states, and front loads those states. The base of the party had fully intended to just stay home until Palin was picked.

    Now, I’ve watched Governor Palin since she first became Governor. I’ve followed her career, read her reviews and so forth. I know her resume front to back and sideways. So when I speak, I speak from substance.

    In fact, I was part of a draft movement for her in 2007, before we had a nominee even. Millions of people signed up on that deal!

    As for being popular because of the checks, wrong again buckos. You see, unlike the people of America as a whole, Alaskans own their oil, not the state.

    It’s like owning shares of stocks. So, every single Alaskan shares in the profits. That has been in place for decades. Sarah didn’t start this. However, she did reform the system, which, along with higher crude prices, saw the people get a raise. That’s how shit works in the real world.

    Have any of you ever read a book, or do you just look at the pictures?

    Oh, and CNG is considered an ultra low emissions fuel. Now I suppose your mommies may still cook for you, but chances are you have at least heard of a gas stove? The reason you can use natural gas, indoors, is because it is so clean.

    That’s WHY many city municipalities run their vehicles, like light trucks, cars and buses on CNG.

    You go into a big warehouse, and chances are the forklifts will be run on it. Most of these are closed up. You’s kill people with a gasoline powered vehicle.

    I’ve owned CNG powered vehicles. I KNOW you haven’t. I’m only assuming you know anything about a car in general, so I may be so far over your heads that you won’t understand.

    But, here goes.

    A gasoline or diesel engine’s when they burn the fuel, will see large carbon buildup on the pistons and cylinder heads. Some get so bad, they can no longer run. Even with cleaner unleaded fuel. Detonation is the problem there as well.

    This is why, when you have your oil changed every three thousand miles, it is black. That’s the burned carbon that broke down.

    On the other hand, take an engine that burns CNG, propane, or butane. You can run the engine for a year, and the oil will look like it did when you poured it out of the bottle.

    Take the engine apart, and except for the signs of obvious heat, the think looks nearly new inside as well.

    And yes, I know NG has methane. So do my farts! Actually, more methane gets into the air naturally that would ever be leaked from CNG. And when burned, methane is fairly harmless.

    Look, I know liberals are dumb and lazy, so let me HELP you. here’s a lot of info on CNG:

    The KEY QUOTE:

    One of the most important advantages of natural gas is that it’s extremely clean burning when used in internal combustion engines. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, exhaust emissions from NGVs are much lower than those of gasoline-powered vehicles. For instance, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are reduced by more than 90 and 60 percent, respectively, and carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas, is reduced by 30 to 40 percent. When used in medium- and heavy-duty engines, CO and particulate matter (PM) reductions of over 90 percent, and NOx reductions of over 50 percent, have been demonstrated compared to diesel engines.

    This is from the Environmental Protection Agency:

    One real benefit of CNG, is diesel engines LOVE it. We were doing experiments in Georgetown with diesels converted to run on CNG. They ran better, and certainly cleaner. Even ran quieter.

    I’m a drag racer, and while I haven’t personally, there are teams who have built 200 mph race cars that run on CNG, as a way to promote it.

    Had the liberals in government not been opposed to reality, the car makers could have been asked to focus on CNG, rather than these pie-in-the sky ideas that are no where near ready for prime time. Instead, they have been forced to go bankrupt because of more liberal curiosity and social engineering.

    It’s like liberals have never met a project, or a person, they couldn’t destroy! I mean that seems to be the liberal’s only real talent, screwing things up!

    I love reading all of your bullshit though. It’s comforting to know that a liberal will never let you down. They will never have fact one on their side, and they couple that with a general ignorance of how the world works.

    Then when all else fails they come out with the over the top hate they are famous for. There is nothing else to your Godless, soulless lives. Nothing. You are incapable of even being happy for one second. Life is meaningless to you. You have no will of your own. You are just zombies and zealots that walk around in a trance.

    Reminds me of what Winston Churchill once said:

    “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

    Fine wisdom from Churchill.

    Now you little liberals enjoy yourself, I’m sure your Dear Leader will make your life all better when he opens up his box of hopenchange!

    Myself, I’m disappointed. I figured by now papa Obama would have brought me my check by now. Hell, I still don’t have my rainbows, unicorns, and puppy dogs yet!

    Maybe he doesn’t do that until day three!



  45. Janine, Leftist Bozo says

    Gary P Jackson you are a sad little loser. I do hope that is a paste and clip job because no one is going to read it.

    But I will leave with one question, do you see starbursts when you see Sarah speak?

  46. CosmicTeapot says


    Don’t mess with Gary, these drag racers are mean. after all, it takes a lot of training for a man to run in high heels.

  47. Twin-Skies says

    @Gary P Jackson

    Read up on Psychological projection, Gary, because that’s all I see every time you open up one of your painfully long posts.

  48. says

    You see, back in the old days, when liberals were not to run wild among us, if you wanted to buy a home, you went down to see your banker. If you had good credit, always paid your bills, and had the income, you got a loan. That’s how life works.

    I venture to say your referring to Subprime Mortgages which has brought not only the United States into a recession, but worldwide as well. Subprime loans existed because of the housing market was so hot. If you bought a house which was 250,000 with 10 cents down, and the house’s value went up to 300,000 you made a pretty good profit.

    Mortgages used to be the safest loan because if the owner could not make payments, the house would be taken away and sold to recover the rest of the unpaid loan. Since the market was so hot, banks ignored the rule of loaning only the amount the house was worth. Instead, they were loaning money based on the assumption the housing market would remain robust, and made the loan on how much the house would be worth 3-5 years later as though the prices would go up forever!

    Investment firms noticing banks making all this money in the housing market, want a piece of the action. Investors were demanding these Subprime mortgages. So the likes of Fanny Mae starting buy up these mortgages like crazy under the framework called; “diversification” which by the way is a better way of investing in a normal market. But they acted as though it wasn’t going to hurt them at all. On the contrary, you could still suffer losses.

    Anyway, in order for the likes of Fanny Mae to do this, they would bundle up all these mortgages say 100,000 mortgages and many of them went bad, but so what, they thought because there were many others mortgages that were very good for profits. But it wasn’t enough. Not enough mortgages to go around. Investors were begging like crazy to invest in this paper. And it wasn’t only in the US but banks around the world wanted a piece of the action too.

    So deals were made based on how well mortgages performed. Everything was going great, the housing market was making people think it was a right to own a house, minorities who normally couldn’t afford a house now could with these subprime loans.

    The market crashed. Nobody wanted anything to do with the likes of Fanny Mae and Bear Sterns. Mortgages were defaulting like crazy. There was a run on these loans. All this sounds like the 1929 crash all over again.

    In conclusion, Sarah Palin should have never gotten that award, but the person or persons who created the subprime loan should have gotten the award!

  49. Robert S. says

    Gary P Jackson you are hereby awarded 2 TL;DRs and one RTFM.

    To re-appropriate that famous phrase, Those who do not learn history are doomed to bloviate upon it.

  50. navy says

    sarah is like princess diana–she was bad mouth by alot of people to but was loved by the average commoners–sarah is very much loved in america and will rise again.

  51. Chiroptera says

    Gary P Jackson, #53: How old are you? 12?

    I was actually an adult during the Reagan years, and so I remember enough that there isn’t an ounce of truth or reality in your rather long screed. In fact, Reagan was a big part of why I ended up on the extreme left of the political spectrum. I figured that any political ideology that is so in need of falsehoods and illogic to make its points, like right wing conservatism, can’t possibly be of any use.

  52. Steve_C says

    Hahaha… not really Navy. Her numbers were only good with that rabid winger christian kooks. It’s a pretty big reason why McCain lost too.

    I can’t stand the bitch.