Radio reminder

All the smart people in the 56267 zip code will be tuned in to Atheists Talk radio this morning at 9am, to hear about the winter solstice and godless bus signage. You can too!

Oh, and at noon we’re all going to tune in to Nic McPhee’s and Susan Gilbert’s radio show on KUMM for an eclectic mix of interesting music. We’re all planning on bunkering down today, since we’re supposed to get slammed with a major blizzard…which I can see is gearing up outside my window right now.


  1. Brad says

    Yeah I feel for you:
    Morris MN: -8°C Feels Like -18°C
    Gimli, MB(nearest weather station to me): -28°C Wind Chill -41°C. Forecast for the next week: similar.

    You can still chill your beer on the windowsill and leave the window open a bit for fresh air; I had to switch to rye. Plus the cows still have to get fed no matter how cold it is.

    Could be worse: Thompson, MB: current temp -37°C wind chill -41. Bitching about the weather is our real national sport.

  2. LisaJ says

    Hmmm, here in Canada (Ottawa) it’s only -6°C Feels like -13°C, and tomorrow we’re getting a high of +8°C!

    And they say Canada’s sooooooooooo cold :)

  3. SC, OM says

    I guess this is close to you then?

    Yeah, it was a nasty rain/ice storm here in New England (far from PZ), which I think is what made me so grumpy earlier this weekend. :) The pilot light went out on Friday night and I didn’t have the heart to ask the maintenance guy to come out to do whatever he has to do to get it relit, so it was a cold night. But not nearly as cold as in MN, and it wasn’t a blizzard, and I didn’t lose my power or suffer like others have, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

  4. magetoo says

    What do you mean, smart people outside that zip code? I predict a surge of people temporarily relocating to specifically 56267, for reasons that will be entirely mysterious to everyone involved in looking at the listener statistics…

  5. says

    If we’ve learned anything from the religious right, it’s that God controls everything in the affairs of men (so you’d think they’d be more accepting of events, wouldn’t you?). Therefore the blizzard bearing down upon you is a sign of God’s wrath, probably against the heathens, atheists, and secularists in Minnesota (or maybe just Morris). God will rain down retribution upon your heads! The churches that get damaged and destroyed in the process will, as usual, be discounted as merely collateral damage. (God has notoriously bad aim and entirely lacks finesse. Pretty incompetent, when you get right down to it.)

  6. says

    PZ, you really should talk about the Sarah Palin fire, as well as the possibility that we will get this thrown at us.

    I think the arsonist is probably a Christian (Sunni’s blowing up Shi’ite mosques type thing), but there are going to be a lot of complaints if there’s any suspicion that there’s an anti-religious component.

    We’ve always been peaceful about our protest, purely symbolic and within the bounds of free speech. We cannot encourage this and we certainly do not condone it.

    Wow, I’m already regurgitating the talking points. Now I know how it feels to be a Republican.

  7. Valis says

    Gimli, MB(nearest weather station to me): -28°C Wind Chill -41°C.

    Holy crap! I thought it was cool here today at 27°C. How do people live with those low temperatures?

  8. says

    The evidence is growing for Cosmic Ancestry:

    “This is the first time anybody has proved that nucleobases in a meteorite are extraterrestrial,” Martins says. The results imply that prebiotic chemistry may be bubbling up in other parts of the cosmos too. “Meteorites and comets bombarded other planets,” Martins says. “So it means that the building blocks of life were delivered to other points in our solar system. If these building blocks were synthesized in space, they could be widespread throughout the universe.”

  9. SC, OM says

    How thoughtful, clinteas! (Did you see my comment @ #8?) I’m fine, and it’s really pretty nice here today. Chilly, but will be warming up tomorrow. I’m just waiting for spring.:)

  10. clinteas says

    Yeah,read your 8,then read some more news…
    Glad to know youre well….

    Beach time here….well,in theory anyway,if it hadnt been pouring down for the last 4 weeks…

  11. bPer says

    Valis @#14 asked:

    How do people live with those low temperatures?

    Well, I could turn it around and ask you how you live with those high temperatures. My personal comfort zone ends at 25°C. Much above that and I become an air-conditioned hermit. At least when it’s cold, you can put on more clothing.

    One of my hobbies is astronomy, and winter observing can be challenging, but with the right clothing and equipment, I find it actually much more comfortable than mid-summer observing. Check out a nearby fellow astronomer’s website at So you think you are tough?. If you read through to the end, you’ll find out how he deals with the cold. LOL – that’s not for me!

  12. says

    It is so cool that you promote the radio show, it really helps our website out.

    For the young or hip ones, don’t forget about the podcasts on the website. I like to take them in my car for my long commutes.

  13. mothra says

    Here in the Eastfarthing (Fargo) you can see almost a city block, the wind is howling from the north, the Brandywine (Red) river is frozen over and the white wolves are crossing. Looks like the fell winter of 2008.

  14. SC, OM says


    After I read your question I turned on the local news (NECN), and they were talking about people stuck out in rural towns who still have no power. That sucks. They’ll have it back by tomorrow, I expect.

  15. Patricia, OM says

    Here in the Westfarthing (Oregon/Washington border, Columbia River) it’s snowing. My neighbors are all rushing over to buy eggs for Sunday breakfast …. the dummies have up christmas lights, but no chicken coop lights. Ha, haw! 20 degrees, but only seven days till the Solstice, come on you grumps – grin.

  16. says

    Eeeek! You kindly plugged our show, and we’re staying home today :-(. The official school year schedule at KUMM ended on Friday, and it’s all come as come can now through finals. Given the weather, the grading piles, and Sub-Evil’s birthday party the better part of valor seemed to be staying at home and working. Sorry to disappoint all our fans!

    We’ll be back on when school starts in mid-January, noon-2pm on Sundays. See everyone then!

  17. Funkula says

    That is an unfortunate radio callsign. Although it’s not quite as unfortunate as the University of North Texas, which had to call its radio station KNTU to avoid problems.

  18. Riman Butterbur says

    Bjorn @27,

    That’s Atheists Talk you’re talking about, right?
    I just (4 hrs later) checked iTunes Store, and the latest podcast they have is Dec 5.
    I did find today’s show on

  19. CortxVortx says


    Otherwise, I’m reminded of a clip from National Lampoon’s “Radio Dinner”:

    “Light your faith, and you can light the world. Set fire to the church of your choice!’

  20. BMS says

    Yea! It’s there now!

    Now I’ll have something cool to listen to on my drive home to Vegas tomorrow!